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    Default Lighting settings on meshes

    I've placed some fences down using GOW assets and I can't get the light to go through it at all. Preferably I'd like the wire to cast a shadow, but the light is stopping like it's a sold object. I also would like the floor grating to cast a shadow onto the floor (third pic).

    Anyone know what settings I'm missing?
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    Every static mesh has in his properties section called "lightning" under StaticMeshActor Label, check bAcceptLights and CastShadows fields, but if you want to make very detailed lightning you have tu place many many lights, just check out MP maps from game you'll see how PCF done that.

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    I've now got meshes to give off dynamic shadows, but as soon as I build lighting, it disappears.

    In addition, I followed this thread and changed the settings in the Wargames ini files, but now the game nor playing in the editor will load, it just crashes. Could someone copy and paste me the original ini files so I can overwrite what I did? Oddly though, spectator mode still works.
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    Fixed it!

    I still can't get the shadows to work, it's just giving a general full shadow for whatever it is, ignoring the mesh design, ie. no grating shadows. But it works when I set it up in the editor(previous images)? This is infuriating.



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