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    Default Sawed-Off Discussion(Tweak or Keep?)

    I'm not making this discussion for complaints about the Sawed-Off, only discuss what is already there. Here are a couple issues with how it is so far:

    1) The Sawed-Off seems to promote players to camp and hide, and/or charge straight at you when you're not looking.(Isn't that the EXACT kind of gameplay they tried to AVOID in Gears 2 with the Gnasher by making players slow down when being shot by Lancers, etc?)
    2) The one shot "kill-zone" on it is more powerful than a gnasher at a certain distance(Say 5 ft away, maybe?), where many times, my active gnasher can't oneshot-kill but the sawed-off can? With -no- active? Doesn't seem right every time it happens. I'm not saying too close, its a point at about a dead body's length away from each other.
    3) It is completely ridiculous watching people charge at you all tough, miss/fail their shot, then sprint away to their next hiding place. I got good at avoiding shots and chasing people down as they scurry away like rats while I pelt them with real shotgun shots from my gnasher, but lately I enjoy watching them run and hide from me. It just urks me when they act like they raped you when they FINALLY kill you(yeah, the same guy who ran and hid from you..)

    **Now what I'm suggesting is maybe compensating just a little shot range on the sawed-off for reload time. Shorten both accordingly where it could balance gameplay a little more. Less range(a tad) with a little less reload time may do the trick. Any suggestions/comments?

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    I wish they could've made the Sawn-Off an actual Sawn-off.

    Two shots, strong recoil ushering 1-2 second cool-down between shots, half the range of the gnasher, a little more damage then the gnasher, larger spread (smaller then current) and slightly shorter reload time.

    It'd still be complained about, but at least it'd force people to actually aim once in a while. I remember in the Ashes to Ashes trailer, that Marcus' DBS fired two shots separately. Why EPIC didn't follow that is beyond me.

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    Active Gnasher will down with one shot from farther away than an active (or not, active doesn't seem to affect range) Sawed-off will gib (it will just just injure). Go test yourself.



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