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    Default 16/Nov/2011 Game Update Gears of War 3. What do we think?

    As I'm waiting for the Official Video on this to air I wonder what you think of the update.

    So far I've only adjusted the HUD but I'm really not that impressed by it. Why? Because there's no prompt for a weapons pick up, so if you are next to a pile of weapons you can't adjust your position to get the weapon you want, even if its available to pick up (I have seen weapons in games I've been straight unable to pick up). Also there's no reload graphic to time your active reload. Nor what your ammo level is at. Nor the number of lives left/lost between the teams. OK so HUD off must mean something is off, but we keep the comparatively huge Crimson Omen which at least does have an audio backup cue of when you are getting close to the edge.

    So all in all although the ability to turn the HUD off makes for a clear screen, gameplay wise it makes a lot of essentials, as I see it, somewhat of a mystery while retaining one huge 'clear screen' wrecking visual that did at least have an audio prompt to describe its status.

    I think being able to adjust opacity/transparency would have been a better way forward - clear screen and visual prompts for your gameplay essentials.

    Just my 2 cents.
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