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    Default In-game Wall Bouncing Training w/Exclusive Skin reward

    Wouldn't it be awesome if you had a chance to hone your wall bouncing skills without pesky enemies running into you? Sure you could bounce up and down the stairs and on the bridge on Drydock for hours, but that doesn't really teach you because your errors are always forgiven by the fact that nobody is watching and there's no consequence. So my idea is, make a gamemode where it's just one continuous hallway just wide enough for you to bounce from wall to wall with no troubles and if you hit a certain number of barriers in row, you get a prize. The prizes can be 100xp, 1,000xp, 10,000xp and an exclusive weapon skin. If you miss once, you die instantly and have to start from the beginning. Or it can be for every wall hit it's 10xp and every 25 hits is a 100xp bonus, and after that it's 25xp per hit with a 1,000xp bonus after 50 hits, and 50xp per hit and a 5,000xp bonus aftter the 150th hit etc etc and if you hit 500 in a row, you get an exclusive skin.

    What do you guys think about this idea? Let me know =]

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    Or they could just create mini games in general with rewards.

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    that would be awesome i would have fun with that

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    Go into private match. Set the bots to insane and train your wallbouncing skills like a pro :P
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