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    Default Gears of War 3 Items!!!!

    Dear Epic Games,

    First off I would like to say That I am a huge fan of epic. You guys make the best games. The main reason why I am writing this is because Today I was down at my local EB games and I asked if I could have or buy the gears of war 3 poster they had up in the window. The manager said that he had to rip it up because it was Epic`s property. He said that If I really wanted the poster I should contact you about it so that is what I am doing. Please let me know if there is a way in which I could get this poster and other gears of war displays.

    P.s I am so glad that carmine lived in this one. He is the most BA character ever!!!!!

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    Sounds like he was being awkward, I know some stores can be like that. I used to work in a EB game store years ago and they got to do whatever they wanted with promotional stuff. Well, the staff did anyway. We probably would have said no to a customer unless they were a friend. I actually got told off for folding up a promotional stand someone wanted (and thought I psychically knew about it) after I was told to take everything upstairs and dump it.



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