I've had the game for about a week, much like everybody else. My favorite modes are Beast and Horde, with occasional TDM and other fun modes. Horde 2.0 is by far the best version of Horde with all its fancy fortifications and grub on glowie conflicts, not to mention player cooperation at its finest (sometimes I give people money just because it's an option). And Beast is fairly fun to play, if not only to play as our scaly counter-parts. While I am mostly ok with these two modes in general, I have my disappointments and wish some things were different at times. Here are a few of my main concerns.

No drop in drop out

No custom public matches

No Vote difficulty settings

When a player ops out, that spot cannot be replaced other than invites

Gun kills don't count for medals (ex. Lancer kill does not count for your Lancer expert medal)

Constant Host migrations

No one ever plays Beast (seriously whats up with that?)

Locust have COG tac-com/spotter and face punch executions

Bezerker not blind enough IMO

No Sniper, Flame boomer, Palace Guard, or Flame Grenadier Beast

Please keep in mind that I still play (and to some extent, LOVE) these modes, I just hope that some later patches fix these problems. If you also have concerns about Horde or Beast or want to correct anything stated here, please feel free to comment. On a side note, I think there should be an option to have Locust/Lambent only option. I don't know if I should wear my flame suit, but I guess I'll prepare for the worst.