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    Default Projected lights and shadows

    Map Name: Act V
    Game Type: Co-Op Campaign
    Location (where in the Level, where in the menus, etc.): in the big hall, at the bottom of the big windows between the elevators. Awaiting the elevators and in the elevator.
    Were you in a Party?: Yes
    If so, how many were in your party?: Unknow
    How did you join? (invite, join button in party panel, blade, etc.: NA
    How did you leave?: NA
    Ranked or Public or Both?: NA
    Was this in your first match or after transition?: NA
    What was happening right before the issue occurred?: What is your NAT type?: NA

    Hi to all, forgive me for my bad/poor english:

    Yesterday watching a video streaming of a co-op campaign (this), in a level with elevators (Act 5 I think); I've seen that the projected light of the sun to the player, can make his shadow to the floor but the character is "greyed" like it has on a dark zone. Also, when the character enters in the light projection (of the sun), it has not "illuminated". Another is when they take the elevators, there is a light projection that is present, ignoring the floor of the elevator when it goes up (a general bug with the lights projections?)

    It's a bug with the map level, or it's something related with the new Unreal Engine?

    Images of example with the issue:


    P.S. I'm still awaiting my pre-ordered game copy from Amazon and don't know if it occurs on other' game levels.
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