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    Thanks! Your Project is looking Very good too

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    Thanks White Paper Games and SHdude your project looks Nice too!

    Also third dev diary showcasing the New HUD and the watch interface

    Most of the HUD is implemented and working except for the weapon element altough i only need that eric finishes the Weapon Icons

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    Hello and happy Christmas eve!

    Today we have release another new update you can read it over moddb/indiedb

    or see it here

    Also, here are 1-2 small pictures of random stuff in the works:
    The buff frames as they are, very minimalisticDetail will be shown in the tooltip + picture
    A venom with 230 seconds duration and a bleeding that needs a treatment as example:

    How it will look in-game

    And on the even more improved tooltip: Text and Image are placeholders

    The debuffs will occur with post process effects and sounds because we do not want to have MMO style debuffs where you see the little icons and you just ignore and can not really bind emotions to them.

    More 3D Stuff will come in the next time -
    Don't forget to write what you think! Tell your concept artist and modeling friends

    Also item tooltips

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    Thanks a lot the agent! we are putting a lot of effort on it

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    Neeeew media release!!!!!!!

    Or watch it just here


    Edit: Sorry for the Update spam @ Followers, some Evil mind demolished our gameand developer page and a mod had to recover everything...but lets move on:

    Hello Folks, It was really time to put up some news, - vacancy slowed us down a bit but we have some new members and the help of a great composer working with us too!

    First of all, you maybe noticed the new Logo - but because noticing is not enough, here is a high resolution Picture for you - There is a lot of Detail but its still WIP however.

    We are now more or less through the brainstorming for the Map,John and Tim brought out some
    concepts and we are gathering everything to get the real map together on paper and want to start on UDK as soon as possible.

    Here are some models we are working at right now, sadly our last 3D modeler jumped off and with him the progress on the fireaxe we were working on,
    but now we just got our new modeler Jacen today, and we have those 2 Models whose are getting the UV and texture treatment.
    They have 5000 polys +- ingame, and there is no third person model because we use True first person.

    (This was the old fireaxe, it needed a lot of work and is going to have a total remake now.)
    The axe on top and the fireaxe will be one of the more rare items, until you find something useful you gotta craft your own stuff!

    For the Redesign we also changed our Font, to which one it is is a secret :P
    We think using "Serifs" fits the theme of the game better, and overall the Aesthetics of bought or custom fonts are just a lot above most of the ones you get for free.

    Here is our updated Inventory, sadly we have to scratch the button design and use a line-oneinstead, because we have an Issue with drag and drop we don't know how to fix.
    (if you're experienced with this and don't mind helping , send us a mail!)

    Alvaro did also a lot of nice improvements of the Code, worked on the Interface, A lot on the fighting system and made a pretty nice hit-detection-mechanic, he improved the blocking for melee weapons, which is now holdable and the animations are a lot smoother ( We still need an dedicated animator!)
    Sadly, Alvaros work is not so nice to show on a newspost, but it really holds the whole game together and he works a lot! We are really far on the code.

    Here is the first piece of concept art from Angelo:

    But don't get overwhelmed by the vacancy feeling - there is no peace on the island.

    So, finally, we need your help. We are working hard and spend a lot of our own time and
    money on the game, but we are mainly all students and cant afford all the things we need.

    We would be very grateful for every donation, and sure, I will leave you some points here,we work hard to create something together, not to earn the big money.

    We need to pay:
    UDK License 100$
    Several Fonts licenses 150$
    Licenses for third programs 160$
    Crazybump for our Texture artist (desperate!) 50$
    Recording Equipment $$$
    Adobe Programs ..... and so on

    Due to a issue with the button instead we created an paypal account where you can donate the amount that you want if you want to : )

    So thanks for viewing, and stay tuned for more updates! We hope you liked this post and excuse the spam again, someone deleted our pages and we had to let them recover.
    - The Team

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    5000 polies for those models in game? That is wholly unnecessary, and a total waste of resources. While you can use more polies because it will be up close that doesn't mean you have to use as many as possible. If anything it has detracted from the hammer since it is all smooth. You would never possibly need more than 1500 polies for such a simple model and even that is ridiculous overkill. As for the third person mesh, if you want to see the axe in the world (like when you pick it up/drop it) you'll need a low poly mesh anyway. 500 polies max for that.

    I like all the updates, and it's good to see a project being worked on. When I first saw this thread I thought it was going nowhere but you've proved me wrong. It's nice to have people join the team but be careful not to let that water down the product. People may come and go and too many different styles can leave the game feeling directionless. I'd offer to help if I wasn't so busy otherwise.

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    as i stated before we are using TRUE first person motion (camera at head bone) wich allows us to not create extra versions for of the same models for first person and yes the poly count on the hammer could be lowered down but since our max poly count per weapon is only 5000 and its not like we are going to have about 9999999 5000+ poly weapons in the screen at the same time altough our modeller is now going to normal map bake these so we can get a lower poly count and same quality and if you mean about the models style the 2 first were made by our GFX Artist and the fireaxe was made by a modeller who left Now the fireaxe is going to be Redone to have a better style that feels more in the game

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    Man I'm not being cantankerous, but won't you have the axe available in the game world for when you first pick it up? In that case it's just best practice to have a second model. And quite frankly, a world model of a fireaxe would take no more than 4 hours to complete, so it's not like it's a massive workload. Even the highpoly one would only take ten hours tops, considering that you may want to carve and bake a highpoly model and make a bit more of an effort on the texture. If you have a look at the view models in HL2 (I haven't had a proper look at the UDK ones) they only have 500-1000 polies because the backfaces are deleted entirely. With a simple model like an axe as a viewmodel with no backfaces, you'd be hard pressed to even use 500 polies. Even if you can look down at the axe and your arms you'd still want to optimize the mesh and then you'd be looking at about 1000 polies if you went for really smooth topology.
    It's a nice ideal to have ridiculous poly counts on your models but it's just best practice to optimize as much as you can. You never know what people will do with your product and you need to allow it to be available to a wide audience, ie: low end PC users.
    As for your HUD, I love it. It's smooth yet detailed, simple but interesting and has a great crossover of medieval bases with a modern design flair. Your 2d fellows are really good and have a firm grasp on design principles, I think.

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    As i sayd before we ARE USING TRUE FIRST PERSON wich means there are no first person models your third person view is completly tied to your first one what you see in first person is exactly what you see in third so we Cant do the backface deleting since it only would be usseable in first person and if you take an closer look even TF2 Weapons have about 2000 Poly Count per weapons we are only using mid poly count at the weapons becouse they will be very close to the player camera and they gotta look Very good and thanks for the HUD Comment i worked hard with our GFX Artist to make it

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    we just released a new update at moddb Enjoy!

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    Thanks the agent since the team is a bit more stable now updates should be quickier now rather than 3-4 weeks

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    Hello again this time we are looking for an level designer for our team

    Here is a bit of information regarding the position

    As a level designer you will be in charge of creating the levels From scratch that means Geometry,Terrain Sculping,Texturing, Lighting etc

    You will be working Right with our Enviorment Artist for any models or props you need for the level and you will also have reference art,sketchs for the level to use as reference as example

    Example of props and models you will have available

    If your interesed just send me an private message

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    New looting frame Picture

    Also we are STILL Looking for an Level Designer here are all the details about the position!

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    New looting frame Picture

    Also we are STILL Looking for an Level Designer here are all the details about the position!

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    Any interesting work happening currently?

    Can't wait for the updates

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    Yes we are in the process of revamping the melee system,our modeller has finished our new Journal model and im now importing it and making the flash work

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    Huuuuuge update on the frontpage!

    We are getting into shape!

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    updates job listings

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    it looks like stranded but with beter graphics and with better ai multiplayer etc.. i would definitevely buy this one

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    HUGE and new update!

    Hello visitors and followers!

    Here is our newest update - As always, it is only a small part of what we were
    doing in the last. There are many interesting features in the works which we cant show
    on images yet, like animal and fish traps, the new implemented kick mechanic,
    an improved fighting, new animations, progress on the world and even new soundtracks.

    We know you prefer images over a lot of text, so here are some of our latest meshes:
    The barricade main and corner parts, a workbench , the tribe warhorn and remade axe.

    There will be 4 classes in the weapons and tools category:

    1. Selfmade Weapons & Tools
    2. Scrap Weapons & Tools
    3. Findable Weapons & Tools
    4. Tribe Weapons & Tools

    Here are some of the latest textured ones, the Scrap Machete and Sword,
    and the Selfmade Axe and Pick. There are no Tribe weapons to show yet.

    Aside from Nature, you will find (animal) caves, tribes, and WW2 leftovers on the Island.
    We are gathering more and more assets for the world, and here are some of the first
    Tribe-related models, a concept for the first character, and also a part of the WW2 set.

    Note that this ingame screenshot does not contain any vegetation and meshes
    and environment will change heavily.

    Here are some assets for the scouting outpost, and another piece from our findable tools.

    Please comment on our work, tell us what you like and what you think needs improvement,
    we are really happy to read about your opinion, and we can do a better game with your input.

    Follow us if you like what we do, and thanks for your time!

    - Team RSG

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    This looks awesome! Keep up the good work!

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    Still searching for people!

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    Are you in need of a programmer?
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    I'm happy to see someone working on this, it looks great so far! I was hoping for a game like this after watching LOST

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    OMG, i'm soo taking the pick!

    looking good guy!
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    Default Well Done!

    I love the consept of the game, and i think that it is going to great when you have finished it, i hope that you are planning on releasing this, becuase i would really love to give it a try out, Well done!

    Visit my Website:

    Contact: If you are in need of any help, or if you have any questions about 3d Modelling, or you need information about using the Unreal Engine, then please make sure to contact me at the following address, as i would be happy to help you out!:

    Youtube Channel Address:

    I will be able to provide you with any support, or queries that you have, so please make sure to contact me, either on the forums via PM, or to my business address, and i will provide you with a reply, within 48 hours!

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    Thanks and of course we are planning to release the game,probably once the alpha is playeable and polished enough trough steam and desura, as well gamersgate

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    I like it!! Wow, amazing work!!

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    New Update and the positions are still open!!

    Hello Visitors!

    We are getting very close to our first big milestone; a playable game.
    We only need trees, and we have all the vegetation we need to get a great world,
    and nearly everything from the interface works, so you can browse your inventory,
    craft things, interact with things, use options, and all kinds of stuff.
    We probably can show a first glance of our world in the very near future.

    Here are some images as usual, starting with a couple of weapons and crates:
    (one rare findables - and the tribe ceremonal dagger which is very precious aswell)

    Icons are getting done, and we get a larger and larger amount of items for player usage
    which is great. Here is the revamped player frame, to fit the needs of the new mechanics:

    The poles are part of a modular pole system, in which our members can create
    structures of any kind out of diverse woodpieces and ropes (not shown).
    And here we have a buildable bed, and buildable fences.

    Here some of our first plants which will be all over the world later, and more are to come:

    Also, as you may have noticed, we had a big Logo and Frontpage revamp!
    Also, the features page got an update with a lot of new information.

    Thank you for looking into here, also check out our image section and our features
    section for more information!

    Please comment on our work, tell us what you like and what you think needs improvement,
    we are really happy to read about your opinion, and we can do a better game with your input.

    (We also have spots on the team! > Jobs tab)

    Follow us if you like what we do, and thanks for your time!

    - TEAM RSG

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    First, here are a couple of things we did in the last, a couple of weapons to play with,
    and some GUI Elements, not so many images this time for the sake of the contest.

    As always there were many other things done in terms of code, animation, modeling,
    design and whatnot, and we are getting pretty close to something truly playable.

    You will have the chance to contribute something directly with our contest,
    and anyone can participate - No game-development knowledge needed at all!

    But have a look at some pictures first

    A simple bar which is beeing used in crafting and similar tasks,
    and 2 more scrap-weapons you can create are added to the arsenal.

    The Map Selection Ui speaks for itself. Right now we work on the first semi-world,
    but we plan for the future and add slots for new content to come,
    from us and from the community (UE3 moddability for the win)

    Here is another of the more rare leftover-weapons:

    And finally some progress on the plant / vegetation creation, please notice that the game
    won't look like this fast mock-up later. Now we started creating all kinds of rocks
    and cliffs to make the landscape look as good as possible.

    So about the contest:

    We had our 1-year-since-creation anniversary 2 weeks ago, and we wanted to do something
    special aside from the usual news blog update, so here it is, the Idea & Modeling Contest.

    The best about it, is that everyone profits from it. You give us cool Ideas for possible
    content you would like to see (or even create some!) and we can make a better and
    more interesting game for everyone.

    But what is the task? you may ask. Well we didnt want to go for something as simple
    as a simple prop / weapon / whatever - modeling contest, so we decided upon something
    more creative and fun. The theme: Special places

    What is it ? Its simple, its just a small set of objects you can find or interact with.
    The definition sounds boring, but it is really cool ingame. It can be anything,
    from a riddle with paper pages slenderman style, to a bear cave with enemies and loot.
    (There are more examples in the linked text)

    Make sure to click on both buttons to view both descriptions!
    You can either send us your ideas, or model the set of your imagination.
    There can be multiple winners for the most creative and cool stuff for
    both areas [Idea as Text (+Image)] and [3D Modeling + description]!

    So what is in for you ?

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    hi btw those clickme images can't be clicked just in case they are supposed to be.
    Could you share any insight on how you setup your lighting and shadows for the game?
    For my dynamic lit open world I am using the settings of the dominant directional light in dayandnight example map. However I am always interested in the settings others use as I am quite sure mine aren't ideal just yet.

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    oh sorry about that ill fix them in a while

    and for our day and night cycle we use a custom light class ( strongly based from the scripted day and night cycle one of the UDK users posted in the WIP forums but cant remember right now exactly)

    and thats pretty much it linking it with the Sky_DayCycle shader so we can have controll over the sky effects as well weather

    the light class is just based on an dominantdirectionallight with some custom functions to manage rotation,effect interpolation etc

    Hope thats the answer your looking for!

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    Looks really Awesome!
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    Thanks! a lot of effort has been put in the game so far

    also would like to mention that the positions for envinronment artist,animator and level designer are still open

    as well character artist and concept artist

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    How did you make the crafting system?
    If you don't mind explaining it that is.
    I don't always program,
    But when i do, i choose UnrealScript.
    stay programming my friends.

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    Since we are using the sapitu system as the base of it ill explain both

    we have a custom array in our sapitu item class that holds the required items that this crafting recipe will need, Now when you get to crafting you can select a recipe to craft, if you dont you can try placing random ingredients in a logical way i.e stick + rock = blunt stick ( just an example ) if the player decides to use " random " items it takes sayd items, loops trough the whole sapitu Item DB and if it finds that these items match the required Items array of another sapitu item then save the recipe to the player crafting recipes array and proceed to craft the item

    recipes are just sapitu Items except they have a custom bool that marks them as a crafting recipe

    as example

    a crafting recipe

    [StickRecipe SapituItem]
    Type = Craft // mark this item as a crafting recipe
    DisplayName=Stick Crafting Recipe
    ItemDescription = "Allows you to craft an Stick"
    requiredItms = "sword1" // where sword1 and sword2 are sapitu items names
    requiredItms = "sword2"
    CraftResult = "Stick" // what do we get after we craft the item?
    the crafting result

    [Stick SapituItem]
    Type = Weapon
    i hope that you can understand that well enough else i can post the whole functions for looping etc if you want

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    I'm still a beginner when it comes to programming
    So posting the whole functions would be great, By the way, I really like you're project
    I don't always program,
    But when i do, i choose UnrealScript.
    stay programming my friends.

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