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    Default All My Ideas in one

    Hi everyone how are you fine Gearheads doing well here are a bucketload of ideas.... its a lot of reading so brace yourself.

    Multiplayer Weapon-What do you think if instead instead COG spawn with Lancer-Retro Lancers and Locust spawn with Hamerburst 1shot-or maybe Hammerburst 6shot because it only makes sense since the Lancer is a Human Made weapon and the Hammerburst is a Locust made weapon.....and also i think its only fair if the Locust get a new Rifle other than the Hammerburst since the Cog got the retro Lancer

    Minigame modes-What do you think of a Thrashball mini-game that would be really fun and it can be all brutal too, it think it would be a nice little mode to add on...maybe after beating the game on like hardcore or something
    Cougars(Cole's actual 2nd Team)
    Eagles(Cole's actual 1st Team)

    The Pendulum Wars-Another cool thing would maybe a quick game-type with like 8vs8 with just Retro Lancers and everyone in COG armor and it can be a little game mode where you fight in the Pendulum wars and everyone is fighting and it could be a capture the flag type thing or a territories thing where you fight and defend your base and Imulsion or on each team a player had 5 lives which would add up to 25 lives and each time you killed someone you gained a life or it could be simpler and you just have to deplete the other teams lives before they deplete yours those lives its basically a team deathmatch except you have to stockpile your lives COG vs UIR this game can sort of have something different and have pre-set classes such as and only a certain number of players can use a certain number of classes and maybe the different classes looks differ from each other
    4-Retro Lancer/Snub Pistol/Gut Puncher(Grenade Launcher)
    2-Gnasher Shotgun/Snub Pistol/Frag Grenade
    2-Sawed Off Shotgun/Snub Pistol/Incendinary Grenade
    1-Longshot/Snub Pistol/Smoke

    three words....Torque Bow Tag.....anyone?.....Anyone?!.....
    Torque Bow Tag-Kind of like a hide and seek type thing. One player spawns with a Torque bow and other players have to hide if you are killed by the Seeker you spawn with a Torque bow, and the Seekers team becomes bigger and bigger until there is only one man left on the hiding faction and then he will be able to see where the enemies are and a timer will appear

    Thin Alliance-On a thread a game mode was suggested and it was basically Lambent vs Locust vs COG so what if there were....lets say 3 specific maps for this game type and the Lambent would be A.I controlled and they would also be stronger, and the Lambent would from GOW2 Glowing Locust (not plants -.-) and the Locust and COG could work with each other and fight against the Lambent Locust then fight each other or they could fight everything at once which would be inevitably more difficult

    Character Skins-Epic also said that they will be giving characters different costumes like a
    Thrashball Uniform(Here we see Cole rocking his Thrashball uniform
    Civilian Clothes(In this MP skin you can see the clothes Cole would wear when he isn't a famous superstar)

    Grayson Hunter(You can see the True face of over the top badassery with this Bullet sliding hero of the game Bulletstorm)
    Civilian Clothes(You can see Marcus in his regular clothes he would wear to "Pick up the ladies" and just relax in heres a picture of him and Anya at "The Rusty Nail )
    White Tank top(The Outfit you see Marcus sometimes in the promo pictures he has his on and ready to kick Locust A**
    Winter COG Uniform(His old style COG armor with the sleeves on and he's ready for some action and to sweat...a lot)

    Farmhand Outfit(Dizzy in his farmer outfit, you can see the true Ronald McDonnell in Dizzy his true passion other than punching Locust in the face and wearing his COG armor he wears his Overalls and Hat)

    Reaper(You could play as the leader of the Ronin from Unreal Tournament 3 heres a picture
    Civilian Clothes(You could play in Dom's clothes he would wear when he would go to pick up the kids from school and the clothes he would wear out to pick up the groceries )
    Winter COG Uniform(His COG Uniform with a clean shaved face and the sleeves of the armor re-attached)
    Summer COG Uniform(The new summer outfit except he finally decided to pick up a Gillette Fusion Razor and cleaned his face up)
    Carlos Santiago(Doms dead brother now that would be a site.... wouldn't it ._.?)

    Clay Carmine
    Helmetless(While wearing this skin you can see Clay in his Armor but without his helmet)
    Master Chief(A nod to another great Xbox franchise "Halo" we can play as the Spartan himself and instead of killing intergalactic space aliens we would be killing intelligent underground Locust..things)
    Funeral Clay(While Clay is off the job killing Locust he's out paying his respects to his lost brothers, with this skin you can do both at the same time who knew Clay was so good at multi-tasking?! well heres a picture Mama Carmine took right before his prom...yes Clay wore his prom suit to his brothers funeral...... how....... weird ._.

    Anthony Carmine
    Helmetless(While wearing this skin you can see Anthony in his Armor but without his helmet)

    Benjamin Carmine
    Helmetless(While wearing this skin you can see Benjamin in his Armor but without his helmet)

    Mechanic Uniform(Instead of being in clunky COG armor Baird wears his Mechanic uniform while he wears his goggles and his one-piece blue COG jumpsuit)

    CIC Uniform Jacket(As we see here we find Anya sporting her old-school Jacket she wore in the last Gears when she was giving Commands to Delta Squad far far away from battle
    White Tank Top(Heres Anya sporting a wifebeater
    Alex Brand(In the comics we see a Sgt Alexander and she was one of the few last female gears.....she's a badass and what game better to have a badass in other than Gears of War?

    Richard Prescott
    His Fancy Clothes(Instead of him being in his battle ready armor he can be in his original outfit he wore while giving speeches to the COG army

    Imulsion infused(The look the Locust had in Gears 2 Campaign when they had yellow looking vein's coursing through their skin)

    Prisoner Skin( Tai before he blew his head apart, you could run around and be a topless philosophical badass with scars ripped up and down your back and get revenge on the Locust who tortured you)

    V--- Just Kidding ---V
    Hoffman-Colonel Mustard(Clue)
    Clay Carmine-Master Chief(Halo)
    Dizzy-Chuck Norris(Walker Texas Ranger)
    ^--- Just Kidding ---^

    they should also add the Palace Guard in MP
    and Duke Nukem.... because he has balls of steel DEAD SERIOUS he would be awesome in Gears

    Special Unlocks-Epic also stated that players will get something special for playing different epic games Unreal Tournament 3,Shadow Complex,Bulletstorm,GOW1,GOW2 so i was thinking it would be pretty cool to get a character or two from the specific game xD but yea other than that I'm pretty stumped on what they could be awarded us.... but i definitely don't want a BS Avatar award

    CLAY CARMINE!-Should he live or should he die? Considering its the last GOW i think he should live but if he dies.... maybe going out in some type of badass manor....what i was saying a while back is.... maybe giving the player a choice of Killing him(LT) or Saving him(RT) i think this would satisfy a lot of players giving them the chance of getting what they wanted instead of a whole bunch of people being happy he died and a whole lot of people being pissed he died BUT i think it would add a great deal of laughter if Epic screwed with us and in cutscenes Clay is on the immanence of death but he is Ok after the cutscene ends

    Character Specific executions?- Ok so i've been reading around and people have been talking about Character specific executions...
    Marcus-Flips over the Locust and does an elbow smash to the face *thats a face only a mother could love*
    Dom-Screams at the top of his lungs & pulls out a knife and just mutilates their bodies
    Baird-*This wont hurt a bit*Takes the Locust head and smashes it into the ground OR *Suggested by xPOORGUYx* he torches the enemys face or something along those lines
    Cole-Takes the Locust and twist the head until it pops off, he then takes the head and kicks it *Field Goal Woo 3 Points Baby!!*
    Dizzy-*Get on up to my level so we can have a little chat* Picks up Locust and slits throat violently and places the body down *shhh be quiet now yea hear*
    Tai-Shatters both kneecaps breaks both elbows and steps down on the spine killing the enemy brutally
    Clay-Picks Locust up by the neck lifts it up and then pulls out his pistol and blows its brains out ***** you, you ugly mother****er* OR *Suggested by CSJB* Pick the enemy up and punches them STRAIGHT through the throat
    Anthony(Specific only if player has a weapon other than a Boomshot,Torque Bow,Flamethrower,Digger Launcher,Mulcher, or Mortar) Puts weapon to head *paybacks a ****** and blows head off
    Benjamin-Flips Locust over Jumps on them and then cuts open their chest yelling letting blood spill out *HOW DOES IT FEEL!* (reffering to when his chest was ripped open and eaten
    Anya-Pulls out a sandwich and gives it to enemy and then bludgeons it with frying pan xD i couldn't think of anything for her
    Jace-Puts boot to the Locust neck and letting it suffocate
    Hoffman-*Im gettin too old for this ***** puts boot to Locust head and scrapes it on the floor then curb stomps it
    Thats all i could think of...if i forgot anyone please add your ideas

    RAMM-Ok so everyone thinks General Ramm is about 100000x more badass than Skorge so think how cool it would be if Ramm came back BUT he was resurrected by the Imulsion and became a Lambent

    Maps- Im hoping they bring back maps from GOW1 and GOW 2 so here are my choices
    *Tyro Station
    *Fuel Depot
    *Clock Tower
    *Blood Drive
    And i heard an idea on another thread which sounds pretty cool where the COG spawn in Grindlifts and storm a Locust base i think that would be pretty cool

    A map based around the Ashes to Ashes trailer

    I think Wingman should have its own specific maps which are bigger.... because its real stupid when I'm in a game and in seconds of spawning me and my team-mate are killed by a BS shotgun from another team that spawned right next of us please fix wingman

    Story-Well at one point i said that this would probably one of the biggest mind-****s in the entire world WHAT IF in the campaign Marcus is in the face of death and it shows him about to get killed and then it gets cut to a black screen... it's dark and a little kid wakes up in bed screaming and a Man walks in and says "what's wrong?!" the little kid says "Daddy i had another dream about the monsters again DUN DUN DUUN....M-I-N-D F-U-C-K xDlol but i would not want that for an ending

    What if Marcus is actually became mentally unstable after the Pendulum Wars and he is in a Mental Hospital and Dom is one of his friends who visits him and everyone like Cole, Baird, Anya, Carmine they're all people who work in the hospital x) LOLagain but yea uhm...yea i would probably take the game and slice someone up with it xD

    Theatre Mode?-Well...its pretty self-explanatory.....A theatre mode would be interesting
    for Gears and make Montages a lot easier to make

    Killcam!!!-But not like the COD one but maybe like it follows the last maybe 3 bullets or shot i mean i think that would be pretty cool for the sniper and such

    Multiplayer Voice-GOW1 it was Hoffman who made you feel bad but made you feel good GOW2 it was Prescott...he was just a D-bag who made you feel terrible GOW3 i think it should be either Hoffman again or maybe Adam Fenix OR maybe since all is lost on Sera there really isn't a COG anymore its just everyone banning together so i think it would be cool if Marcus was the announcer '
    What i read in a thread before someone said like the person who got the most points in the round the character they are playing as announces after so like
    *COG Win*
    *Cole got the most points*
    *Thats the way we do it! Yeah baby! Keep fighting like that we goin to win the Super Bowl!*
    *COG Lose
    *Cole got the most points*
    *Come on are we really gonna let them step all over us! Come on we in this to win this! Keep your head in the game!*
    idk but leave your ideas

    Ok game editions-
    *Hardcore Edition*
    Gears Of War 3
    COG Tag(which you could wear) 3 or 4 with maybe names of soldiers who died Kim,A.Carmine,B.Carmine,and a tag with a sticker on it saying(Spoiler) on it and if you remove maybe says a crucial new or old character who dies in GOW3 ?? ;D
    Golden Shotty

    *Insane Edition*
    Gears Of War 3
    COG Tag(which you could wear) 3 or 4 with maybe names of soldiers who died Kim,A.Carmine,B.Carmine,and a tag with a sticker on it saying(Spoiler) on it and if you remove maybe says a crucial new or old character who dies in GOW3 ?? ;D
    Golden Shotty
    Life Size Bolo Grenade(no it doesnt actually blow up)
    COG HELMET! with a bullet hole ;D(wearable) <---Epic
    Imulsion Bubble Bath Soap for the only "Hardcore" Gamers

    post ideas

    Saving Buddies-Ok in GOW1 you were able to save your team mates Mid-Execution and in GOW2 they took it out.... hopefully you will be able to save your team mates..... and Meatshields in GOW2 when you get grabbed as a Meatshield and they guy just drops you your character dies? what if your being held but you take a little to no damage and your team mate kills the guy holding you "hostage" wouldn't it be cool if you would drop back down to being incapacitated? and you could be picked back up

    Plancer Battles :|
    Now its just a tad bit confusing as to what is going to happen when to players charge at each other. Im thinking it would be better i both players died while charge each other OR maybe whoever who was charging the longer time would win the match

    So yea well if people read this feel free to comment and add your ideas
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    Multiplayer Weapon: No, if you do that then locust will have a great advantage since they can't chainsaw or charge and 6 burst hammerburst sounds like old gorgon

    Minigame modes: this is a Third Person Shooting game not a sports game but it sounds fun

    The Pendulum Wars: Sounds great but what about picking up meatshields and other stuff

    Torque Bow Tag: hm... would be awesome if the hiders already can see enemy's when the game starts and if the torque bows are quiet and that there are 2 seekers from the start and a time limit ofc

    Thin Alliance: Looks like a game mode from campaign, you have the choice to team up or fight, right? Great

    Character Skins: They all sound nice

    Special Unlocks: probably MP characters... i don't like that idea from Epic

    CLAY CARMINE: No, it's already decided that he LIVES And it would be a trouble for future Gears games

    Character Specific executions?: AWESOMENESS@@@@

    RAMM: (<--- a typo?) I would like him in a robot/lambent form

    Maps: TBH I would like all maps from gears 1 and 2 in a DLC and most maps are big enough, but at checkout the extra spawns would be at digger/sniper and at frags+mulcher so we also need weapons at standard spawns

    Story:... the first thing would be pretty BS ( I love it !) and at the second thing... you gotta check your mind... o.o

    Theatre Mode?: Yaah it would look awesome when look at someone how he fights like in a movie

    Killcam!!!: We already have 1 But i can't go to normal cam immedeatly

    Multiplayer Voice: Would be nice to choose

    Ok game editions: sounds awesome, but bath soap? why not the recipe :P and don't turn lambent >_>

    Saving Buddies: Maybe when you take NO damage and it has a 3 second limit

    Plancer Battles :|: Well i want either or a battle( which would look pretty weird) or that the 2 Charge in each others head

    alright this took 20 minutes :S

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    lol wut???
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    I want the bubble bath soap.
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