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    Default 1680x1050 low FPS/GPU usage workaround!

    For some reason Bulletstorm PC have searious problems with FPS and low GPU usage on nVidia cards when vertical or horizontal (or both) number of pixels of selected resolution is not integer multiple of 8. This happens with 1680x1050, 1600x900, 1440x900 and 1366x768 resolutions, so users with 16:10 monitors are hit by this bug. To solve this problem, in nVidia control panel create new custom resolution where both horizontal and vertical number of pixels will be integer multiple of 8 and use nVidia scaling with fixed aspect ratio. For 1680x1050 native display create 1680x1048 as new resolution, and for 1440x900 native display 1440x896.

    To add new resolution, open nVidia control panel, under Display select Change resolution and in main window click Customize. In pop up window click Create custom resolution... and enter desired resolution. Test it and if everything checks out fine, click OK. To set necessary scaling, under Display select Adjust desktop size and position, in main window check Use nVidia scaling with fixed aspect-ratio and hit apply.

    In game menu select new resolution and game should be running smoothly with maxed out GPU usage, without screen bluring. Only drawback of this workaround is 2 or 4 horizontal lines less on screen, but this is hardly noticeable. I've tested this on my rig, with nVidia 8800GTS 512. On 1680x1050 I got 19 FPS and GPU usage was around 70%, and after this workaround, on 1680x1048, FPS was around 36 with maxed out GPU usage (measured with MSI afterburner, in main menu).

    Hope this helps!


    It appears that scaling doesn't work correctly with custom resolutions (at least for me). Picture is still stretched, but on 1680x1048 bulring and distortions are hardly visible. So for 22" 16:10 monitors, using 1680x1048 without tinkering with scaling is best option until developers address this resolution/low GPU usage problem.
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    Yah I do that too....although I would like for true 1680x1050 resolution without the bars....

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    Is it safe to create a custom res like that and play on a monitor with a 1680x1050 native res ?

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    I have a 1680x1050 monitor, if I use 1680x1048 will the black bars still be there? That's the main reason I haven't gotten around to playing this game yet.

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    I have no "Use nVidia scaling with fixed aspect-ratio" option, and my drivers are 267.05 :/

    any ideas?

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    As for the black bars, there is no way the game can be played without them on 16:10 displays, it is as simple as that (unless the game is patched to fix this issue). Game is primarily designed for consoles, and that means it is intended to be played on 16:9 HD TV.
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