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Thread: Inventory Demo

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    Hi, I have to say this thread was really, REALLY helpful! I had no idea how the inventorydemo worked.
    I have one question, though. Say I want to disable any drag-and-drop functionality because I want the items to simply fill the next available slot when they are picked up. How is that done? Do I need to edit the actual AS class, or can it be done inside the Flash file somehow?


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    I am working on implementing a system that accomplishes just what you are searching for: the next available slot is populated in the inventory movie, instead of the system I have now, which checks an array and populates the numbered slot(this is not good, because if you have 25 items checked, and you only have an item at the end of the list in your inventory, the 25th slot will be populated instead of the first, which is ok, but its not like it's supposed to be).

    Check out my current inventory system:
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