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    Default Want UDK for Mac OSX

    Thought I'd start this to get see how many interested parties would like to see UDK for Mac OSX? I for one would LOVE to see it! Anyone else?

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    I would !
    You should make a poll ?

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    I think a lot f people will agree.

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    Epic Games to release Unreal Development Kit for iOS

    Posted on Nov 30, 2010 8:30 pm by David Dahlquist,

    Epic Games, the creator of the widely-used Unreal 3 game engine, is gearing up to release its Unreal Development Kit (UDK) for iOS, which will give iOS game developers unrestricted access to powerful 3D game development tools.

    The UDK is Epic's free version of the Unreal Engine, a powerful game engine that has been used to power such graphically intensive titles as Gears of War and Epic Citadel (pictured)—the latter of which has already been released for iOS as a demonstration of the Unreal Engine 3's performance on the platform.

    When it ships, the UDK iOS will include the same editors and code used to create a number of blockbuster games, and will be available to anyone wishing to publish games via the App Store. Toolsets of this quality generally cost developers anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars, so by releasing the UDK for free, Epic is drastically lowering the barrier of entry for iOS developers wishing to create graphically impressive games.

    As it readies the UDK iOS for launch, Epic will be releasing content and tutorials to the developer community. Though there's no release date just yet, once released, the UDK stands to make a significant impact on the mobile gaming landscape.

    Isn´t that great? When the UDK for iOS is so easy to use like the udk for the pc (and i think this is it) then i make a game too. (or a level ) I´m so happy.
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    Default UDK on Mac will be awesome

    i don't really know why it's not been released, it works with Open GL too (that's why you can make games on ps3 too) and now it's been released for iOS design,
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    me too would like to see UDK version for MAC

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    A Mac OS X release would make UDK/iOS development more practical for small studios that already make iOS games (I know a few studios that would love to consolidate development platforms). It could also bring more licensing opportunities on the Mac OS X App Store and Steam front.



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