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    Default Lol I Need Gear Buddies :D

    Title Pretty Much sums it all up right? GT = ShoCkZz No EviL
    Most of my friends play mw2 since those new maps came out and i have recently cleaned up my Friends list because of un-activeness, and I realized that i have only about 10 friends that are still loyal to gears thats kinda sad xD... anyways...Lol i have a Mic, but im pretty held back from talking because my mic makes me sound *cough* fruity.. i dropped it tooooo many times.
    I am a Lvl 100 also I dont care about skill really, but i like to win and i play gaurdian and execution when i feel in the mood.
    Hi, my name is ___ and I am a Gear Addict :]
    Level 100
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    Well I need help beating Gears 1/Gears 2 on insane. And we could play MP and Horde with a couple of my other friends.



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