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    Default Origins of Seran Humans

    A question I've been pondering for quite a while now is where do humans come from on Sera? Is it in an entirely separate universe where there is no earth and humans just evolved on Sera? Or did humans move to Sera from Earth for some reason (but then they would have spacecraft)? Any thoughts are welcome. Actual evidence of how humans came to be on Sera (with source material) is even more welcome. Thanks guys (and girls). Also just realized that Sera is Ares backwards...fitting
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    I believe they moved to Sera from Earth. They didn't realize that the locusts inhabited the planet when they colonized. Now they are completely dependent on living there and a lot of time has passed. I don't think it's a Star Wars kinda deal. But I haven't read the books so there may be some back story in there somewhere about whether Earth is their origin.
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    ^The above is false.

    It's a separate world from Earth. There is no such thing as Earth, and Epic have themselves stated it. Rather, they made their world so they would not be restricted by Earth and it's politics [COG] as well it's scientific facts [Imulsion] etc.
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