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    Default Imported textures

    Hi guys! I have some meshes from maya and textures on them. But when I'm restarting the UDK all big textures(2048*, 4096x2048 ect.) becomes blurry. What is the problem? Textures in TGA format. My videocard has 1Gb RAM on board. Tnx.

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    You have to edit UTEngine, DefaultEngineUDK and possibly DefaultEngine ini files. Look for TEXGROUP and change max resolution to 4096. Well it might help or not. I didnt noticed any changes and start to think that udk do not support anything bigger than 1024.

    But if you want to make your textured big meshes loog good you can actually use small trick. Look in UDK (Engine and Content) for detail normal maps. Import it to your material and scale it all the way down (like 15-30 times), then add it your normal map, or if you dont use any just plug it into normal slot.
    It's amazing how it can improve texture look.

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    Thank you very much man! First way helped me.

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    Does anybody know how to change path to textures? I know there is another way - delete them and reimport, but I can't Textures in use and I can't find command "NoLoadStartupPackages".



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