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    Default New UT3 player on PS3, tips???

    My console is the PS3. I started playing UT3 online about a week ago, I played offline for a bit before that. So far, I seem to be an intermediate player, compared to the other online players. This is far from my first first-person shooter game.
    However, I've noticed that in some games, I am absolutely CRUSHED by the advanced players. Obscenely, humiliatingly, left behind to eat their dust, crushed.
    While I know I am not an advanced player, I feel like I should be able to hold my own a little better than that. Am I at a disadvantage against the PC players, since I am on ps3??
    Are there strategy guides specifically for UT3 on the PS3? I've looked around and mostly I'm finding guides for PC users. What about other ps3 players, do you have advice? What is your experience?

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    You can not play against the PC players on UT3, that said there are players who use the keyboard and mouse set up that does indeed give them a slight advantage, but not as much of one as you think.
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    know the maps thats one of the most important things and get a mic it'll help alot depending on what mode you play alot of people are more than willin to help


    sorry i gave such a short responce

    This game takes time to get good and really the only way to get good is to play someone whos better than you.

    I suggest turnin up your controller sens if you play with controller if you play with mouse i'll be more than happy to give you the settings to get the mouse workin decently correct.

    Like i said before get a mic it will help you out in every game mode and i know for a fact there are people more than willing to help. (ex im usually dueling but im one of those hella rare people on the ps3 that plays every mode since they tend to only stick to the mode they are good in) which brings my next point

    Play all modes, you get to play with different people and your skills will round out nice dont just stick to one or two modes like about 98% of ps3 players do.

    If playin vehicle modes learn to use hitscan cause most ps3 players suck with it so they will be spammin link gun or flak or rockets from a mile away while u just got an easy kill on them. PM me or add me on ps3 the name is exactly what it is here ReverendCrow
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    Keep at it! Those guys have been playing for two years! If you play for two years, they will have been playing for 4! Reverend Crow is good, you should take him up on his offer, you could learn a lot. GL;HF!
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