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    Map - Deathmatch (PC) dm-tetris-2k8 PC

    Version:v1 PC
    Description:Tetris is back for UT3 i ported over the 2k4 version of tetris i hope you all enjoy it original by Tom "Snoef" Vandebergen for 2k4 this is his baby i just ported it and added music to it
    Credits:Original by Tom "Snoef ported to ut3 by UNREALLOCO
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    Very neat map! What's better than to make a map based on the most popular video game of all time?
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    Added, nice map, i will add to our server in a hour or so.. ( )
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    I've been playing Tetris everyday since I was a kid, before that, I saw this map today and really like it, but needs the preview shot first. Who knows? Anyway, the 8-bit textures are easy to create the map (even stated that I'm not a mapper) and some cool areas including the Tetriminos parts and the bots are willing to be good enough, even if they stuck through the stairs. But, there are mismatched tiles and too much powerups in this map so the bots gets stronger. The music background is funky though, but if I manage to set the music volume to 0, it is still playing (could be the sound volume or something).
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    It was probably not too tough to port this from UT2004 but glad we have it for UT3. It needs a preview shot in menu with author’s name and recommended player load (maybe 4-12). Definitely 3D Tetris with jumps, stairs and things on boxes. The keg o’ health is tougher to get than you might think. Bots are good and map plays like some lego maps. The music is what makes the map so fun!



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