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Thread: gow1 or gow2?

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    Default gow1 or gow2?

    you hear alot of "I like gow1 better", but is this community bigger than gow2?

    I prefer gow 1
    - it's faster
    - it's darker
    - better maps layout

    which one do you like more?

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    This is what i think gears 2 as far as story mode but fails compared to gears 1 multiplayer reasons-no more player matches,shotgun sucks unless your host,lag and not being able to leave a match forced to play unless you want to get a penalty.

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    The community of people who still like Gow and prefer it over Gow2 is very small and its the way it was meant to be. All the people who used to get trounced on GOW love GOW2 because its so cas.

    Gow is better than GOW2 in every aspect. Gow2 has a few new gimmicks, we didn't want gimmicks. Gow2 has more lag... we didn't want lag and sh1tty net code. Gow2 is more casual gamer friendly... we didn't want Gaylo of War 2.

    We also didn't want a complete over haul of the games dynamics and movement. If it were for the better then fine, but it was for the worse =/
    Jesus christ! I really do not know how Epic keeps their patience with you people. You have to be the prissiest bunch of whiny bishes. The sad thing is Epic has to cater to you. Epic made the game they wanted to make with no babies making stupid suggestions and released it in 2006. It was a wonderful game, but somewhere between all the crying and moaning they had to change it for the worse.

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    Comparison threads are not permitted. Closing.
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