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    Default UT2004 Mod to the UDK


    we have a mod for UT2004 ( and we try to convert to the UDK to make a standalone version.
    But we noticed that some projectors and other important things were removed.
    Is there anyone who know a good way to convert our mod ?

    Let us know some steps, that could make a convert possible.


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    You might as well recreate the game using the existing project as reference. If you really want to convert from UT2004 to UDK you in for a lot of pain.
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    Things like projectors were replaced by Light Functions, if I believe.

    I converted Hazard from UT2K4 to UT3, and have now finished converting it from UT3 to UDK, but mine is a far simpler game. In both transitions there was some rewriting going on, but to give you an estimate, it took more effort to convert from UT2K4 to UT3, than from UT3 to UDK, and that was with a game that was about 10,000x simpler.

    You may be able to salvage some script, but it'd be worth using your project as a reference, as stated above.

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    O.K. thank you.
    We tought there is some possible way.
    To recreate the game and using the existing as a reference is a lot of work and we think, its too much.



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