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    Hello Guys.. I have several questions regarding the general setup in UDK. I just started to work with the UDK. The last days i modeled around, imported a house with textures, created a char with animation, and it also works inside the UDK.

    Now comes the big Task. I`m not well suited with programming in C++ or something like this. Now i tried to put the model i made in blender, which allready is in UDK, as the player model. But this didnt work. I watched several youtube videos on creating your own GameType but none of this worked. Im working with the current Release. The folder structure changed etc. pp .

    Is there someone who can train me ?

    These things do i want to do:

    - 3rd Person view
    - own Player Model
    - play my own animations
    - shooting and stuff.. etc.

    Thanks in Advance guys.. (tried your tuts geodav, unfortunately i dont have UTGame and Deathmatch and Stuff...)

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    It finally worked. I reinstalled it and now i got the 3rd Person view with my custom Char . Thaaaanks !!

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    Thanks a lot.

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    Geodav great guy. Still greatful to him for everything he helped me with in the past. Great share.

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