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    Default Can someone help plz

    Can someone please explain me how can I create new camera for the player.
    I would like to create a static mesh like in Whizzle. I made the same network in kismet and I added this to MyMods but I cannot change the camera.

    class SuperFunGame extends KActorSpawnable 
    DefaultProperties { Begin Object Name=StaticMeshComponent0 	StaticMesh=StaticMesh'Char_Whizzle.SM.Whizzle_Collision01' 	bNotifyRigidBodyCollision=true HiddenGame=FALSE 	ScriptRigidBodyCollisionThreshold=0.001 
    	LightingChannels=(Dynamic=TRUE) DepthPriorityGroup=SDPG_Foreground End Object

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    Your defprops block doesn't look right. "Defaultproperties", the opening "{", the closing "}" and every property or begin/end object info must be on its own line.

    Also, what exactly do you expect yxour code to do? It's not related to camera changes at all.
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    Sorry the paste was wrong. I am trying to make new dyanmic object from maya something like a ball this will be my character. I would like to spawn it like in whizzle and to setup custome camera I created the kismet network they showed with the attached camera to the ball but I cannot understand how to add the ball how to use scripted objects in kismet.



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