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    Arrow My rank was wiped. WHY!!!

    When the new rank system came out my friends and I played solid for quite a few days. But the continous lag soon put us of, so we left Gears 2 and went back to Gears 1 as it plays better. Recently I put Gears to in my xbox only to see that Ive gone from rank 27 to rank 1, everything I put alot off time into epic has wiped. Perhaps epic can explain why theyve picked on someone, who was a laggit 27 rank and lossers who glitch there rank from 1 to 100 get away with it, plus play terrable which is a clear sign they are a FAKE!! I want my rank back please, as Ive done nothing wrong. This was done recently, so someone knows about it.

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    Default Omg my level reset from 71 to 1

    i cant believe this i hope som1 can tell me how to fix this or im not playing gears 2 again stupid epic failures how can they make a game so bad? I mean i do enjoy it its....... just the glitches its terrible im losing it with gears and im a serious fan ive done 1000g in gears of war 1000g in gears of war windows 1350g in gear of war 2 and im planning on doing the Japanese version when it comes out but that all depends on if its fixed! im going to play 1 game to see if it fix,s back if not im never playing gears until epic fix's it for me. Ive played 1 game nothing just ranked to a 2 rank great f****** great i can believe this why would my level reset. This is what i did before it got reset. i deleted the installation of the game i think that is you online tracker if you delete that you lose your rank. Whats epics email?
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