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    Default Nv4 Disp Display error!! PLEASE HELP

    I just got G.o.W. for the first time on pc and when I play it whether on its on High graphics or low it still crashes and gives me the
    Nv4 Disp Diplay error. HOW DO I FIX THAT???

    ::what happens when it crashes - the game freezes then you see green little boxes on a black screen, it tells me that the Nv4 Disp Display has stopped working and it tells me to reboot.

    ::Proc- intel dual core 1.90ghz

    ::memory- 2 gigs

    ::windows xp professional media center edition (5.1, build 2600) (idk why i have this. tiger direct installed it when i think it should have been just XP pro)

    ::Graphics card evga 8800 gt (w Driver- Nvidia Geforce 8800 gt, version-

    ::direct x9c (would i need directx 10 or does that not exsist on XP?)

    help me please


    Do I post my game log on here? or do i send it to you guys? if i do then how?
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    First, the exact wording of the message would be the best way to help, so we can see exactly what it is saying. Judging by the artifacting you're describing (little green boxes on a black screen) I would recommend that you update your device drivers. Do you get issues like this in any other games or programs? What if you watch a movie on your PC?

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    okay. this was the EXACT message it gave me right after it failed on me.

    The nv4 disp display driver has stopped working normally. Save your work and reboot the system to restoreful display functionality. the next time you reboot the machine a dialog will be displayed giving you a chance to upload data about failure to microsoft.

    and yes it fails on all my games that require the grapic card.

    movies play fine on it though.

    I dont know what driver i need, i think mine is up to date...i could be wrong. If i am though, is there a link that i can directly download a WORKING driver for this card?
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    i tried downloading the proper driver -


    and the XP64 one but none of them work. all they say is data corrupted.

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    i tried downloading the proper driver -


    and the XP64 one but none of them work. all they say is data corrupted.

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    When you uninstalled the drivers did you go into Device manager and right click Video device uninstall there make sure to put a check mark next to remove software.
    Then go into control panel and uninstall NV Geforce drivers there.
    After that go into C:/ look for NVIDIA folder and delete that.Restart PC Note: Make sure you delete the Nvidia folder in C drive before restarting PC after uninstall.PC has to be restarted after uninstall and deleting the nvidia folder in C will stop windows from grabbing the drivers from old install.
    Download a new set of Drivers install restart PC and try again.
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    I did that already. i re installed the correct driver now tthat i have Windows xp pro x64 edition, i re installed it with 178.13 8800 gt x64 driver, and yet again. i still get the same results. does gears of war have its only little degugging thing or specific driver?

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    if any one went through the same difficulties that i have been going through with this game please tell me what you guys did to fix it. i cant enjoy my damn game. not even EVGA or the useless techs at tiger cant even help me. is gears of war screwed on computer or is it just my pc?

    with every driver i install the result is still the damn same.
    game freezes, music keeps playing.
    about 30 seconds later it says i have to reboot because my "nv4 disp display" device has stopped working.
    doesn't any one know how to fix this ****???
    i hope i didn't wast my damn time and money.

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    I wish you'd QUIT blaming the software. Respectfully: it's your hardware that is keeping you from enjoying the game you want to play, NOT the software.

    Let me ask yout this: can you play ALL of your other games in your collection with zero problems/issues? Logic tells me no, you should be having problems with other games as well.



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