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    Default Editor not correct!

    Alrite just got GoW for my pc yesterday I love the game I could play it for a week stright. Im really good with mapping for Unreal with the UnrealEd Will pretty much all day I tired looking for it in my computer the UnrealEd fianlly got it opened it went to make a box then add textures it didnt subtrack.. so I clicked agian cause when u do it the first time its blank textures correct? nothing happend after the second time so I did it agian it crashed the editor.. I honestly don't know what to do please help me.

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    also ive downloaded custome maps and loaded them an played them well just one it was sp_square that was before I reinstalled GoW now I cant load them the game crashes..

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    I have the exact same problem i don;t remember any of the other unrealED's crashing this much.



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