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    Default Fan Fic Central (Massive Update Part 3 In Progress!)

    Hey everyone and Welcome to the New Fan Fiction Central. Over two years ago our good friend and terrific writer, Black Asgard, created the Original Fan Fiction Central as a place to honor young writers and there accomplishments. Sadly Black Asgard was banned from this forum before he could see the original thread stickied. And because of that reason, we were unable to edit and change the original thread, so we created the "New Fan Fiction Central".
    Special Thanks and Honorarium:

    Waldo and I just wanted to say thank you to our Administrators and Moderators:
    Flak, JoeGraf, and Pariahman for allowing this thread to finally be stickied and putting up with us over the last year.

    And we also thought it would be appropriate to honor those writers that are no longer with us:

    Black Asgard, Jfab, Snowballin, Shackles23, Grey19, Kulluminatii, XxMarcusxX, and all the other unmentioned writers thank you for all your efforts in writing and making this forum a place where new writers could come flourish and grow, you won't be forgotten.
    Now that we have covered the pleasantries, let's get down to business. Now that we are able to add/edit author's and their stories within this thread it's time to get all new authors to submit your stories here. Older authors are welcome too, all we need from you authors is to Private Message USRangerJohn or WaldoRtk7 with your story title, a short summary, and the link to the thread and we'll check it out and post it here as soon as we can.

    __________________________________________________ __________________

    Notable FanFics

    War Path
    Author: Black Asgard
    Post Date: January 29th
    Chapter Count: 6
    Summary: War Path is about an ex-Gear named Sam who is out to avenge the death of his daughter and the Stranded village they lived in, and hes really got his work cut out for him. The story is considered a All Time great and a Must read.

    Betrayal: Emergence
    Author: The Evil Hat
    Post Date: February 8th
    Chapter Count: 20
    Summary: Betrayal: Emergence is a well written piece that gives an in-depth view into the world of the COG. It also shows the problems of imulsion, and is set pre-E-Day. This story is considered a All time great and a must read.

    Hoffman's Hell
    Author: USRangerJohn
    Post Date: February 16th
    Summary: Set along the same timeline as the story in the game, Hoffman's Hell follows that battle hardened Colonel Victor Hoffman as he tries to keep Delta Squad alive behind the scenes from enemies both expected and unexpected.

    Split by War
    Post Date: February 17th
    Summary: John Carmine...shot in the head by a sniper. Well not in this story. This is a "what if" story that explains the tale of Carmines journey to regroup with Delta Squad after he became MIA in front of the House of Sovereigns.

    The Sons of Sera: The Ruins of D'lanor & Original Sons of Sera
    Author: WaldoRtk7
    Post Date: February 16th
    Chapter Count: [New] 3 & [Original] 20
    Summary: Within the subcapital of D'lanor, 3 separate forces collide, shaking the remaining foundations of the city. Though neither side knows, but this one battle will change the course of Sera forever, and many lives will change before the the next sun rises.

    Harbinger: The Novel
    Author: Black Asgard
    Post Date: April 21st
    Chapter Count: 18
    Summary:Harbinger is the first Gears of War novel ever written. It tells the tale of Wolf Company and Slow Company as they go deep underground and change, learning the horrors of the locust. Read the story of Humanity's first contact with the Locust Horde.

    Author: Jfab
    Post Date: March 14th
    Summary: Animus follows the dark origins of the COG we know. Alexi Desipich sees the COG rise to power and has plans to rule the world. His son Goil has much different plans for his father and for the Coalition.

    The Three Fires
    Author: USRangerJohn
    Post Date: March 17th
    Chapter Count: 25
    Summary: The story of the three important events in the Pendulum wars. The first Act is the tale of President Smith of Aphor and his attempt to bring about world peace even though everyone wants him dead. It explains a lot about what we think happened during the Pendulum wars. Act II now brings the horror of war to life by detailing the bloodiest battle in human history. Act III dicusses the day before E-Day.

    Children of War
    Author: S1LeNT RIP
    Post Date November 11th
    Chapter Count:20
    Summary: A group of five orphan teens set out on an unorthodox trip, which turns into a fight for survival after a run in with Rojas and a group of COG Soldiers.

    Author:Jay the Arbiter
    Post Dat:August 8th
    Chapter Count:16
    Summary: The Lightmass Bomb has been detonated, Private Zaach, a lowly, unimportant Locust grunt, finds himself saved from death by a group of Locust Cultists, known only as The Soul Killers. They train him to fight alongside them, though as he progresses, Zaach learns a dark secret, and uncovers a new, deadly threat to the horde...

    Royal Blood
    Author:Auzzie Legend
    Summary:This story follows a young Private in the Coalition of Ordered Governemtns name Vince Jerrald. Vince is placed into 'Falcon Squad' and sent out to investigate a missing convoy deep within Montevado, only to discover the nightmarish Locust Horde are still at large. Humanity is on the brink of destruction and has made an attack on the Locust Hollow in a final desperate act, led by Colonel Hoffman and Delta Squad. Vince's journey is not to be walked lightly. Humanities fate lies squarely in his hands.
    __________________________________________________ _____

    In-Progress Fan Fiction

    The Stranded's Jorunal
    Author:CBS Fisher
    Summary:Alex Wiley is a stranded, living on the outskirts of Illima City who decides the surface is no longer safe and decides to go underground to protect his family. He will have to be quick and nimble to survive the 12 mile journey to his safe haven which will be riddled with enemies. But theres something in store for him which will change his life fore ever.

    Rising up
    Author: Cog Edward
    Summary: A Locust captain has been boosted up to colonel as he now has to make a team and bring everything up. He goes in mission to kill lambents but nothing messes up his world, like what happened to the Queen. From then the locust have been at war with the humans as the colonel slashes and destroys everything in hus path towards the end of mankind.

    Outside the Steel Walls of Haven
    Author: smurf plastic
    Summary: Locust and Human. Good and Evil. Black and White. But there are shades of gray, where good and bad meet for survival, where certain morals are put aside where others are reinforced strictly. Haven barely survived E-Day, taking the whole country's military and a genius to fortify it against the Locust. But, after the Legion, Haven's military, annexes the rest of what was once Stranded for fifteen years, stability is wavering. One soldier, Roshad, learns that brotherhood isn't truly as strong when individualism is discouraged. He learns his deep, sturdy foundation of patriotism and love for his brothers is built upon quicksand and Haven itself isn't as strong as it appears to be.

    Summary: Dog Squad is ordered to save a squad of Gears, then command changes plans. They have to track the fleeing Locust. They find help, they travel roads. Nightfall arrives.

    We Are Foxtrot
    Author:Aest Skystriker
    SummaryMy new fanfic has started yesterday, it's about Foxtrot squad and their problems as random encounters come along their stationed village Ralea.

    Ascension of the Reaper
    Author: Jay the Arbiter
    Summary: A story about the rise of The Soul Killers, who have always been the Queen's personal Elite. This Prequel to "Revival" covers a brief history of thier leader Hakar and how the group formed to fight the Cog and Lambent Scourge.

    Author:The WolvGambit
    Summary: Coming back to the experiments, were the locusts alien beings or an accidental act of man?

    Cold Blood
    Author: LocustQueen
    Summary:Therondia a community on the edges of Sera's North pole. Its perfect to Brady Simms and his son,Mark. But Therondia has lost contact with the rest of the world. Soon Brady and Mark will learn the horrors of what has happened to the rest of Sera and they will experience it firsthand.

    The Tribes of Sera
    Summary:The people of Sera have always been devided. It has always been like that. From the days of the Pendulum Wars to the fateful Emergence Day. They continue to fight each other, even though the jaws of death are ever so close. In this story, the Tribes of Sera clash, as two men from two diffrent worlds meet in the middle of chaos and destruction. The only way out, is to coexist, but that to has it's own chaos and destruction...

    Fox Tales - Broken Rain
    Author: The Real Big Boss
    Summary: A secret mission in stranded occupied FreeFalls under gray troubled skies. A chance encounter with a hard nosed off duty Gear. This "secret mission" is about to become anything but as the enemies of the Coalition join in the hunt for the journals of Professor Cantwell. But with the odds stacked against her, can Kiyoko complete her mission? An unlikely alliance may hold the key...

    With Delta
    Summary: With Delta is about Zach Corey, a 17 year-old Gear who accompanies Delta Squad through a weird turn of events with his original squad. He fights along side Delta through all the events in Gears of War 1 and will make one of the biggest differences in the Squad.

    Withstood Bloodlust
    Summary:This Fan Fic is about a boy named Jamie who used to live in Jacinto, was thrown out because of being accused of owning imulsion during the Pendulum Wars with his parents. He is on a Family trip and something happened and he was abandoned. He is found by a COG squad and is forced to fight in the battle of Aspho Fields. He also experiences at secret appearance of locust in the forest. The COG squad had also witnessed it. More things happen but you must read it to find out.

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    [QUOTE][QUOTE][FONT=Times New Roman]Completed Fan Fiction

    Letters from Sera
    Author:Multiple Authors, Easy Seven
    Summary: A Multi-Author Collaboration Project created by Easy-Seven. Delve into the minds of the basic soldiers of the COG, their thoughts, their families and their struggles.

    Origin of the Queen
    Author: Grey19
    Post Date February 9th
    Summary: The story of events immediately following the events of the game, viewed from the viewpoints of the Queen and her aides, Staff Sergeant "Wes" Johnson, and the members of Delta Squad. The story explores the origins of the Locust leadership, and the Locust's motivation.

    Blood of the New: A Tale of New Talent
    Author: Misteryapyjawls
    Post Date: April 15th
    Summary:As wars rage on Sera, six men set out to find peace. But in all wars, not everyone will make it home. Will new blood wage the end of this war?

    Super Star
    Author: Snowballin
    Post Date: April 15th
    Summary: Cole's story before joining up with Delta Squad. Explores Cole's friendship with Baid and the Seran sport thrashball.

    First Contact
    Author: TheronBerserker
    Post Date: April 16th
    Summary: This a story about minekinds first contact with the locust horde, deep within the mines of lethia and how the miners hold them off as emergence day rages outside. It is a story about heroisim, self sacrifice and a deep sence of deperation.

    Nightmares of War Part I
    Post Date:
    Summary:This completed fan fic takes place before the events of Gears of War and lead up to it. Starting out in the building of Jacinto and the stand that made Marcus Fenix a criminal for his wrong doing.

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