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    Default Question about servers before I buy.

    hey playing the demo with my friend is so annoying because every server pings as 2500 and the good ones are always full, so i'm wondering, before i buy, will this issue be abundant where like, servers are detected with 2500 or even blank ping? thanks.
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    That I believe was a bug that has been corrected. The demo has numerous bugs you won't see in the full game, as well as plenty of features added. And we're expecting patch 1.2 soon. If you get the game don't forget to get the latest patch.

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    Nope. I can get on a server with a ping around 90 no problem, all hours of the day and all game modes. 40-60 is doable for me depending on the time/day, and mode.
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    Your ping will depend on where your at, global location, and your internet connection. Connection issues can be local or regional. You know building, complex, dorm, etc. and then the provider and connection load also way in. I have noticed a significant pretty general slowdown at least the last week or so for all internet use.
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