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    Well I had this idea when reading a topic about the shock rifle on the general board. I think a cool mod would be to replace the entire weapons set with the weapons from unreal 1. [With new graphics of coarse wouldn't look right as a direct port]

    The Damage amp could be the Energy amp from Unreal it would only effect the ASMD[Shock rifle] and Dispersion pistol.

    Berserk could be replaced by the Dispersion pistol power up or keep the berserk and replace the redeemer [or both] with the weapon power up.

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    Im hoping for OSMT, so that we have a gametype like Unreal 1's campaign.
    I kind of doubt it will happen now though, but who knows.
    Epics hype machine made it seem like the tools for a good coop mode would be there.
    mmmpeaches9: nice, i've done that before but they were all like 5 year olds, they were all crowded up and took em all out with my shotty.
    Thats terrible

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    Oldskool mutator FTW, id also like to see UT99 weapons also.
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottUT View Post
    Halo evolving from UT? NO
    If UT took a dump, THAT would be Halo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cuddles View Post
    Oldskool mutator FTW, id also like to see UT99 weapons also.
    I used to play the original Unreal 1 REAL singleplayer campaign's... that is the kind of singleplayer I like: linear maps with NPC stuff :P



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