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    Default installation error how to fix?

    I get Error 1335: The Cabinet file reguired for the installation is corrupt and cannot be used.

    The Data.Cab file varies from every time I try to install.

    Anyone know of anything i can do

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    Do you have another DVD drive to install it with? Otherwise, it could just be a bad disc. Try exchanging it for another copy.

    Don't know for sure, I don't even have my copy yet.

    I'll try it out and see if I get these problems as well.

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    Or copy all files on the DVD to a location on a hard drive and install from there.

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    tried it all none works

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    As i said in another thread, Durgor do me a favor. Go into My Computer and right click on your hard-drive and go to properties.(The harddrive with windows on it). What file system do you have? Fat/Fat32/NTFS?
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    Exclamation Problem Solved!!! (at Least For Me .-. Hopefully For You Too!!!

    Problem Solved!!! (at Least For Me .-. Hopefully For You Too!!!

    I found a very very strange and stupid solution to this problem
    First of all, copy the whole content of the DVD to a folder
    Then, try to install from de folder, and when the first error comes out, check wich file got screwed, copy and replace that file from the DVD and click retry
    worked for me, but there's a file that gave me error but didn't show the "retry" button on the error me, an that was the i had to cancel the installation, but i had a little hope inside me and copy the file from the DVD and paste it in the folder, and started it all over again..
    i had to copy and paste the data1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 61 (and start over again), and finally, only asked for the, but finally, my installation was completed.

    Hope this info can help you out guys, im gonna post this in the other topics, and hopefully yopu and they will be playing this soon
    and, don't blame Epic games, game is great, but, seems that installation in Windows Vista is a little ***** up (and i say this cause it installed without any problems when i had Xp as my OS)

    If this worked, try to spread the word, so everyone can enjoy this game...
    If not..well...lets keep trying and looking for another solution...:S




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