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    Default Making a mod so UT3 changes sounds

    I want to make a mod where sounds are changed.

    Can I f.x. change the sound for the Flak Cannon in UT3? How would I do that?

    I tried creating a new upk package named the same as the original one, "A_Weapon_FlakCannon.upk" but instead added new sounds (with same names of course!) I then replaced the original sound file in the UT directory with my custom made package. (C:\Program Files\UT3\UTGame\CookedPC\Sounds\A_Weapon_FlakCann on.upk). The custom package had all the same internal names as the original package.

    This however, didn't work. The game still used the default sounds. How can I make it use mine?


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    A guy in another forum suggested creating a new weapon (using the same UT3 model, scripting and animations of the Flak Cannon) but associating a new sound package with it. I would then use the Weapon replacement mutator to replace the default FlakCannon with the modified one (that only would have different sounds).

    Is there anyone here that could point me in the right direction of such weapon building?
    I would need to combine all the default packages of the FlakCannon excluding the default sound package, adding the new soundpackage and what, compile it into a new weapon?



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