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    Default System keeps rebooting, Any Ideas

    Everytime I try to run the UT3 demo my system reboots,
    I installed a fresh XP install, all updated.

    I run an AMD 2400 xp
    2 gigs of ram
    ati 1600 pro, 512 meg graphics
    Soyo motherboard.

    I have updated directX 9c.
    Updated my ati drivers
    Plays UT goty, UT2004 just fine
    Downloaded 2 times and installed each, same thing (reboots)
    Any ideas would be great.

    Thanx in advance......Smash
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    Get's your PC too hot? check with everest or something like that..

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    Not sure where it is in XP, but you need to set it to blue screen instead of rebooting, then you can get an idea if it is a driver.

    Or as said, heat, memory, all the usual suspects.

    Google for memtest and give that a shot. You can burn a boot cd and it stresses the memory looking for errors that are otherwise hard to spot.

    Also, seems like you are well under minimum specs, so it is gonna be painful to play, but hey, it is UT, so whatever it takes
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