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    Does Unreal Engine 3 support regular Blender 3d files (.blend) along with maya and 3ds Max? Even though you can export into .3ds, I'm just curious. for those who don't know, Blender 3d is a free program available at that is similar to Maya and 3ds Max. It's interface takes time to get used to, but after a while, it becomes easy to use.

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    Nobody cares. I do, because I use Blender 2.6. I find it to be so easy to use. I can create, texture & animate any kind of creature in under 1 day. Unlike 3dsMax.
    Blenders work flow is just superior. Easier than Flash8 I dare say.
    It's just the exporting options for .FBX & .PSA & .PSK / script which seems to not work atm.

    Also see:

    Try 3dsmax & see how bad it is. Heh, biped manipulation is just like trying to battle some sort of tumor.
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