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    Default MajicMarker13 First Montage

    I rushed it and the quality isnt that great but my next one is gonna be way better.

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    Even though you were host, there were some smooth moves in there overall. Good job.
    Edit: O wait weapon slide? Ewww take it out it ruins a perfectly good montage. Take that out.
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    man, that was the best montage i have ever seen. it blows away pretty much everything else I have seen. Great job!

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    Some hilarious kills in there, great montage.

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    It's almost all sniper footage, which is getting pretty boring to watch at this point, imo.

    Regardless, it's a fairly well done montage. You aim very quickly and get some sick no-scope shots.

    I wanna see some montages that include long-range boomshot kills, multi-kills with all types of explosives, pistol headshots, successful adaptation under fire, e.g. tagging one opponent with a grenade, diving to get some distance, then immediately splatting a second opponent with a boomshot round fired from the hip, (this is just a random example from a previous match of mine).

    Basically, I'm sick of all the sniper extravaganzas. I want some variety.
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    The weapon slides kinda ruined it for me.

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    thanks guys. My next one is gonna be alot better(Quality, Music Timing, and more variety of kills, and ALL OFF HOST. Thanks again.



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