I've heard alot about the new patch and hidden host names. This is just a suggestion to how it could be resolved. I dont think it covers 100% of people and i dont know how hard this would be to incorparate into the game, but here we go.

The game should let people create squads/groups/teams/clans/whatever with friends and then fight other squads/groups/teams/clans/whatever. So if you want to play with friends, you still can, in a fair(ish) game. and if you want to play with random people, thats cool too.

I dont know how this would tie in to acheivments/ranks and stuff like that but it seems like one of a few possible fixes to this problem that satifys most people (im sure those who want pleased will let me know ).

The only prob i can see now is alot of people will choose this option and leave single players waiting for ages in lobbys, but anyway, discuss.