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    Default How many clans do you think would use this? (concept)

    I am currently thinking of making a simple ONS map and I would like some clan leaders reactions to this.

    The map would involve large rolling plains with a big mansion in the middle. Debris would be scattered around the map, and maybe if I could figure it out, a few minefields that would create paths between a few nodes. The real reason this would be used for clans is to test potential new members with a variety of tests common to most all game types (ie, the inside of the mansion as a deathmatch type area). It would also test speed node running and use of vehicles in tight areas such as the paths between minefields.

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    this is an interesting idea.

    mabye it could be not so much of a map as a mod map.

    make it test the different attributes of what is wanted in a dodging, aim etc in different "mini-arenas" with configurable values as to how hard each "mini-arena" will be. The configurability allows for different standards with each clan (lets face it a clan started my newer players usually doesnt have as high standards as a long running clan run by experienced players). If anyones played the UT Olympics mod, this is sort of what i mean by the "mini-arenas" thing. For example the dodging thing might be all these link projectiles flying at you, the score is lowered each time one hits, and higher configurable values would make more fly at you. youd get a score for each mini-arena and they would be averaged to make the final score. Things like weighting (eg dodging is worth 20% of the final grade and aim 40%) could be configured based on each clans taste. You could also make things like to pass overall youd have to pass aim for example, as well as gaining an average that lets you pass overall normally. Make mabye a 5/10 average an overall pass always, but with the configurable values you could change how hard it is to attain a pass in this way.




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