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    Default Installation Problems, Error Message Please Help!

    Hey, I just bought UT 2003 this afternoon, and I tried to install it tonite. After installation I receivied this error when I click play:

    A required.DLL file, D3D8.dll, was not found.

    How do I fix this problem? I tried installing it twice, same error.

    I have a

    P4 1.4 Ghz
    Nvidia Geforce 2
    256 RD RAM
    2 HD and 2 CD's

    Can anyone please help, Thanks!

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    What OS are you running? If it"s xp it should be in Windows\system32 Folder. In 98 it is in Windows\system folder.
    Run a search on your computer for the file , it may be backed up somewhere. If you find it manually put a copy into the system folder , or system32 if you run xp.

    alternately you could try reinstalling Direct x

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    The file belongs to DirectX 8. Please check if you have it installed or just install it again. You may also install DirectX 9b which is the latest version.

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    Thanks, but I already figured it out last night. Yes, it was DX. . . my previous version was 9.0A and UT2003 must've erased it. I resintalled 9B and it works fine, thanks for the help!



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