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    Red face How do I create a seperate user.ini for my mods???

    Most of my mods don't have seperate user.ini's so the controls get all mashed up for the different mods, is there a way I can create a new user.ini file to stop this annoying problem???

    I think if I added the command line "-userini=TroopersUser.ini" (if troopers was the mod) to the .exe shortcut target and then placed the user.ini in the C:\UT2003\System folder that should work?

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    This really isnt the best place to post this btw.

    There are 2 paramaters you can use


    eg: Here is the one from Domain

    E:\UT2003\System\UT2003.exe -INI=Domain.ini -USERINI=DMNUser.ini



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