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Thread: UT666 - easy cheater or PRO player ?

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    Exclamation UT666 - easy cheater or PRO player ?

    UT666 - easy cheater or PRO player ?

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    Provide the demo please. Judging from that video (and knowing him as player) I would say there is a chance of 99% that a helping tool is active. The shown cuts weren't about skill. You cannot predict something like that... even hearing accross the whole map (without tweaking).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RattleSN4K3 View Post
    Provide the demo please. (...)

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    Definitely. Not only radar but also Locked-Aim (aimbot). You can easily spot the locking when his mouse movement gets smoother (9:32 remaining for instance). Radar is pretty obvious (10:08 remaining for instance). I remember him being a little bit better than in this match. It wasn't trolling and he didn't get a proper advantage if using such tools but there were enough incidents where he gained a real advantage (seen in the video: sniping through Sandstorm killing the flag carrier not only once but twice and also multiple times).

    PS: Just a note. This forum is not a report-a-cheater forum. These threads might get deleted. I like these kind of threads/reports but Epic might not like it...

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    We'll keep an eye out for him on our server. Thanks.

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