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Thread: DARKNADO: FPS Survival Terror

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    DARKNADO: FPS Survival Terror

    Welcome to Project Fujita. Initially started as a collaborative entry level game project that combines Tornado Destruction, Survival Terror, and Storm Chasing into a First-Person/Third-Person Multi-player Survival Warfare. The project originated and combined game play concepts conceived in the following threads 1 and 2. This is the official WIP Thread and will serve as a living design and development document. As of 04/09/2014 UDK development has ceased. However, game story and concept will be up for considered for migration to UE4.

    Target Audience

    Project Fujita is geared towards talented individuals of various level, seeking to enhance their portfolios, and boost their experience working with UDK in an online team structure. We are particularly in need of Modular Art Assets for Architecture, Characters/Monsters, and Vehicles. All contributions: assets, scripts, documentation, and others are considered to be property of the UDK Community reserved for use in ProjectFujita Game(s) and promotion.

    The Game: DARKNADO

    DARKNADO pits a band of Survivors on a Futuristic Man-made Byland in which Dimensional Portals materialize in the form of massive Mobile Vortices, destroying all in the path and spewing out hordes of monsters from unknown dimensions. The Vortices also bring other-worldly power-ups and weapons left in the wake of destruction. Players must scavenge ruins for power-ups to maintain stamina and weapons to defend themselves in seeking refuge in undamaged safe houses.

    Inspired by several Films and Games: Sharknado, Cloverfield, The Mist, Left4Dead, Unreal Tournament, Dead Island, EDF 2017, and Battlezone 1998. DARKNADO aims to intermix intense action combat and creepy down-time moments (to scavenge ruins for supplies) with opportunities for Jump Scares. And many other elements.

    Multi Multi-Player: Four Genres, One Open-World Level Map

    The Fujita
    Destruction Sim Genre

    Vortex Portals dubbed Fujita, destroy all in their path, gathering energy, increasing in mass and power to inflict greater havoc. The power they generate is so intense that they warp time and space, pulling hordes of monsters from other dimensions into our own. These outer-worldly creatures vary in size, speed, and attack strategy. Played in Third-Person/Third-Person Orbital, the Fujita earn points based on the amount destruction they inflict on the architecture, PC and NPC consumed by monsters.

    Survival Horror Genre

    The Survivor (Human), limited on weapons and resource must scavenge health/stamina supplies needed to maintain energy levels to reach designated temporary Storm Shelters (safe zone) for cover. Played in First-Person, Survivors earns points by scavenge ruins for valuable Trinkets, and safely reaching safe zones and surviving the wrath of the Fujita.

    Storm Force (Militarized Storm Chaser)
    Action Shooter Genre

    Storm Force Soldiers (Human/Vehicle) are skilled Storm Chasers/Soldiers that hunt down Fujita with Tornado Interceptor Vehicles are outfitted with sophisticated GPS and Armor allowing them to withstand significant damage. They also have access to Modern and Experimental (Sci-Fi) Weapons and Utilities. Played in 3rd-Person (Primary)/First-Person (In-the cockpit) Storm Chasers earn points by hunting down the elemental monsters and successfully launching/activating The Storm Trapper Probes.

    Storm Force Engineer Corp(Vehicle)
    RTS and Construction Genre

    SFEC has the tools and skills to gather scraps, reprocess, and rebuild destroyed architecture. Played in First-Person, SFEC earns points by their rebuilding time.

    Starting Point

    I've established a Perforce (P4) Server and Dropbox for the Project. If you're interested, use the registration form to provide info I can use to set up your credentials. I believe in using the tools I have available and the form automates setup. You aren't joining Arcade Komodo Developers Network, so if you don't have a Online Portfolio, just fill in required fields with: I'll reply with your credentials via email. Once you have the credentials, follow this Tutorial to set up and you're ready to rock with Project Fujita. UnrealEd has built-in P4 source control support. New to P4? Take a look at the How to use Perforce Client Videos. I'll assist with any questions.
    The Team
    Game-play Design/Programmer, Level Design, Geneal Artist (Props)
    Chay Hawk Level Design
    TechLord Game-play Design/Programming, Admin Support
    Game-play Design/Programmer
    General Artist
    Level Design, Environmental Artist
    Open Character Artist & Animator
    Open SoundFX, Music Engineer
    The Downloads
    Media Kit The Official Project Fujita Promotional Logo (png format)

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    TO DO List: Game-Play Implementation and Engineering Strategy (UPDATED!)

    Current State Progress Video

    STEP 1: Reverse Engineer UTGame (Complete )

    1. Create Empty UDK Project (Done!)
    2. Clone and Consolidate UTGame, UTGameContent, and UTEditor into ProjectFujita super class (Done!)
    3. Replace 'UT' with a new Prefix 'F6' (Done!)
    4. Compile and Execute (Done!)

    Although, this may appear tedious and unnecessary, this process has allowed me to quickly distinguish and dissect the structure of UTGame Code and Configuration. I also needed to reduce a couple of layers of code-hiding inheritance to make the code easier to see whats going on.

    STEP 1b: Rename/Relocate UT Content and Packages. (Work In Progress)

    I can successfully compile script and run ProjectFujita in UnrealEd. However, DM-Deck Map is empty. I have to remap ActorClasses in the Level Maps from UT to F6 prefix. I'm forced to get acquainted with UnrealEd and all the Tools. Due to relocating and renaming assets, UnrealEd cannot be locate the assets are removed upon load. This requires me to manually rebuild nodes with the new relabeled nodes. Not necessarily a bad thing in itself, but time consuming. All of the UTAnimNodes extend from UDKAnimNode with zero modification.

    1. Remapped Human Animtree Nodes (Done!)
    2. Remapped Phys_Materials (Done!)
    3. Repopulate DM-Deck with Actors (Done!)
    4. Rebuild VCTF-Necropolis with Actors (Hold)
    5. Rebuild Server Menus (Done!)
    6. Rebuild Mutators(WIP). Step 5 has a dependency on this.

    STEP 2: Define Players: Tornado, Survivor, Storm Chaser, and Monstrosities.

    Out of these there Player Types, the Tornado is the most unique to the UTGame. The the sheer body and scale of the Fujita compared to the other characters will require some highly customized code. I intend to use McTune's Tornado implementation to construct the body component. However, if I'm left to my own devices, I will be pulling design notes from my Golem Construction System, which essentially creates animated monsters from an assortment of Fragments (physics objects) suspended in force fields bound to an animated skeleton.

    STEP 3: Destruct/Reconstruct-abled Architecture

    I'd imagine that Destructible Architecture would need to be re-spawnable, deal with lighting somewhat realistically: real-time shadows, varied strength/resistance to destruction (for some reason the story of Three Little Pigs come to mind), and be inhabited/navigated by player/bot. I have every intention of using APEX Destruction. Most demos I've seen using Apex uses a projectile vs static wall, I can see a manually controlled projectile (force burst) being useful, giving the Player Tornado even more interactivity in the destruction process.

    I would like to implement Modular Human Character for flexibility. The Modular Pawn UDK Gem already provides the start up code, just need to get some geometry assets. I'm no artist, so I'm seeking out freely available character assets.

    STEP 3b: Camera Lens Effects in Full Effect.

    Although the game is played in First and Third Perspectives, I will implement all view for testing. I'm going to implement Camera Lens Effects for Weather, Day/Night Cycle, LensFlares, and Lightning Effects. I'm seeking for pre-written source for these effects. Looking for donations.

    STEP 4: Weapons

    I'm going to take advantage of the current UTGame codebase using the weapons system to implement projectiles. Player Tornadoes will use the system to toss debris, emit high-wind force burst, lightening bolts, all manners of destruction. Stormchaser can utilize the rocket launcher to launch probes into the Tornado. I anticipate rapid implementation code-wise, however, content-wise we need to design new representations at least for the probe launcher. Most likely use some translucent tentacle thingy to represent a Tornado Arm of destruction.

    STEP 4b: Trinkets and Power-Aid

    I'm going to take advantage of the current UTGame codebase to create pickups. Regenerative Health Pickup will use the UTGame implementation. I mentioned Trinkets, these are items that spawn in destroyed (pre -reconstructed) locations. Scavenger Hunt for Survivors.

    STEP 5: Modularize GameInfo Behaviors

    Once I'm able to successfully compile and run. My next goal will be to analyze the gameinfo gametypes and identify code handling the shared and unique game-play behaviors define within each. Once I'm able to id these game-play behaviors, I will attempt to isolate and compartmentalize the game-play behaviors into self-contained segments that be added/removed to create new gametypes in a modular fashion.

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    Bonus Gametypes: Sharknado? Zombinado? Giant Arachnonado?


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    More Ragtime
    Nice, I think it would be a decent idea to add a game mode allowing more survivors, like it could be more than just a battle against the tornado. and that leaves room for possible teamwork, which is always rewarding in games to function well as a team. And are we going for photo realism? or are we going to have an art style for the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by More Ragtime View Post
    Nice, I think it would be a decent idea to add a game mode allowing more survivors, like it could be more than just a battle against the tornado. and that leaves room for possible teamwork, which is always rewarding in games to function well as a team. And are we going for photo realism? or are we going to have an art style for the game?
    Sharknado Gametype was a bad joke on my part. Can you elaborate on 'adding more survivors'. I like the idea of Teamwork and it just makes sense. Most of console games I purchase must have a Story Co-Op Mode. I did anticipate the implementation of simple follow-the-leader teamwork AI for Bots. Player based teamwork could be much broader (Left 4 Dead and Army of Two come to mind).

    I honestly don't have a particular art-style, but, when I visualize game-play in my mind's-eye, photo-realism is what I envision. I'm most likely being influenced by all the movies (Twister, Cloverfield, Nailbiter, Sharknado) and tornado footage I've watched. Additionally, I live in Oz and I've seen Tornadoes up close and personal. I might be biased, but, I do believe photo-realism will enhance the fear-factor and significantly separate this product from Tornado Jockey. I'll leave the decision in the hands of the Artists. If a vote is taken, you know where I stand.

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    I gonna agree with Ragtime. welcome to the group by the way.

    so More Ragtime your an artist, graphic artist or are you a modeler as well? I am just trying to touch base figure out what's up. If you do model I have a few things to go over with ya. If your not then we should find a modeler otherwise this project is going to take way to long.

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    Chay Hawk
    I like it all so far, do we have any concept art? any ideas on how big the map will be? Also i know someone from the forums here who can make us music if need be.

    Oh and is project fujita the official title or is it a working title?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chay Hawk View Post
    I like it all so far, do we have any concept art? any ideas on how big the map will be? Also i know someone from the forums here who can make us music if need be.

    Oh and is project fujita the official title or is it a working title?
    My Wife advised this is more so Survival Terror, not Survival Horror. She don't play Video Games. Go Figure.

    Project Fujita is the project title and pseudo-working title, codename: F6. Lets have some fun brainstorming some game titles and vote for an official one after we get some decent game-play working. The current titles swirling in my head is: `Force(s) Of Nature (The Sequel to FoN)`, `F U J I T A 6`, `Freaks Of Nature`, `N I M B U S`, 'HellstoneS', `DARKNADO`, `Rain of Terror`, `UPDRAFT`, `s u r v i v e.`, `Horn of the Unicorn`, `The Vortex`

    Concept Art? Reference the banner image at the top of thread, inspiration the movies Cloverfield and Twister. Photo-Realism, Modern Architecture, City and densely populated Towns. We need plenty of places for Tornadoes to smash, and Survivors to hide. Additional concept art will require online/real-world research on your part.

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    Chay Hawk
    What about models? buildings arent hard to make but what about the street lights, cars etc? how big is this city? also if i make everything out of BSP were going to have some performance issues. If the city is really big that is. I would at least like a drawing of the map, even if its a crude Microsoft Paint one, I need an idea of what im doing here i cannot work blindly.

    As for Project names ill think of some, one off the top of my head is Dark Wind.

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