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Thread: Stargate Special Unit, Total Conversion, will be released Jan 13th !

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    Stargate Special Unit, Total Conversion, will be released Jan 13th !

    Hello everybody !

    Yep, you read right, there still are mods being worked on for our beloved UT2004 !
    Special Unit is a multiplayer mod based on the Stargate universe. It will be released on January the 13th, 2013.

    Let's start with a trailer to show you what's this about !

    A few details about the mod, it will feature :
    • 4 Tau'ri Classes
    • 3 Goa'uld Classes

    Team Objective maps :
    • Abydos
    • IceDet
    • Chulak
    • P3X-548

    Capture the Cristals :
    • Tok'ra

    Cooperative maps against the replicators :
    • Asgard Ship
    • Asgard Ship (Hard)
    • X303 Down

    Spaceship maps :
    • Antartica
    • Asteroid (without the motherships)

    The following weapons for the Tau'ri team :
    • FNP-90 (assault rifle)
    • AS-50 (sniper rifle)
    • Five-Seven (handgun)
    • Rocket-Launcher
    • MP5 (assault rifle)
    • M-60 (huge rifle)
    • SPAS-12 (shotgun)
    • Healing syringes
    • Smoke Grenade
    • FlashBang Grenade
    • Explosive Grenade
    • Knife
    • Jaffa Staff (fire and close combat)
    • Zat'Nik'Tel (one shot stuns, the second kills)
    • Zat Grenade (Flashbang)

    • Hummer
    • X302
    • Deathglider

    And in space battle :
    • X303
    • Daedalus
    • Hatak

    If you want to know more, //Insert here another starship troopers reference// you can visit our official website :
    or our moddb page :

    I hope we'll meet online on a server for a few frags on January the 13th !


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    Looks pretty nice.

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    That is amazing In my opinion the best thing to happen to ut ever! I am a HUGE Stargate fan so I may be biased :P I have not got ut on my main pc right now but I will be there ready and waiting on the 13th!!!

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