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Thread: How do you change your UT3 password?

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    Red Squirrel

    How do you change your UT3 password?

    I have never shared my password with anyone yet someone managed to login with it and it booted me out while I was playing. I can't seem to figure out where I have to go to change it. I tried gamespy but that does not work. How do I change the UT3 password? It's the same password I used for linkedin which did get hacked so maybe that's how they got my password. I had forgot to change this one.

    Edit: ok managed to login to gamespy, but then it wants me to login to IGN? I have no clue what that is, anything I try is not working.

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    IGN is the parent company of gamespy but anyway you schould PM Flak

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    People encounter the "duplicate login" error all the time in UT3. It's a common issue. However, you can reset your GameSpy password here: Click the link and follow the instructions.

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    Red Squirrel
    I tried the gamespy one but I never actually get an email. I'll try PMing Flak as suggested.

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