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Thread: Realtime Reflections on Visor?

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    Realtime Reflections on Visor?

    Hey, guys.

    I've read up on how to create realtime reflections using a simple material and I think I understand how to do that using a render texture. Now, I'm wondering how to attach a ReflectionActor to a player's visor. How would I go about doing that?

    Thanks guys.

    -Alpha Spartan A

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    you're talking about this thing ? i guess it's the same setup ... not sure though

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    Not really, no. What I meant was - if my player model had a visor (like Halo or Crysis) how would I attach a SceneCaptureReflectActor to my player's helmet so his visor reflect the world in front of him. I realize that this is impractical if I were to use it in an actual game, as it causes a decent performance hit, but I'm using this as part of a tech demo so to speak.

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    check this out. how TheAgent did his scope and use the same principles.

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