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Thread: Make one material like another

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    Question Make one material like another

    I have two objects with two different materials that I'm attaching in one object in 3dsmax and exporting. When I'm importing it in UDK I have the two materials also imported in the Contend Browser. So I have one asset, the object, with these two materials that I can play with them, BUT I want to put different materials made in UDK. So I want to change the materials that I have placed on the asset with materials that I have made in UDK. Help!

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    When I place new material on the asset it covers the whole object... I want the asset to have two materials again - this is the problem

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    The model has to be made for it.

    In 3ds max, make a multi-sub material, apply it to the object, and give the faces the correct IDs.
    You are not meant to model assets in UDK.

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    I found it ! On the asset properties I can see the two elements that I had in 3ds max and I can attach different materials to each other.. this is what I was looking for

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