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Thread: DOF in Matinee issue

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    DOF in Matinee issue

    Recently, I've been learning how to manipulate DOF in matinee.
    I've studied some ebooks, vids, epic and udk support pages, but still not satisfied.
    DOF is working independently regardless of my efforts.
    Yesterday all was ok, but today I can't see any DOF.

    What I'm doing:
    1 Going to view->world properties->check "enable dof" (right checkbox)
    2 Creating postprocess volume around my scene and checking on "enable dof" there
    3 Set "cam override postprocess alpha" to 1 on camera properties
    4 Adding new floating property track to Matinee "DOF_FocusDistance"
    5 Animating track property... and have no result.

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    Solved it.
    I've reset focus inner radius to default and it works.

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