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Thread: Throw your weapon

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    Throw your weapon

    Im trying to make something like a a javelin , a pilum , a spear ... how ever you wanna call it

    I have the feeling that in order to do that , i'll have to code some weird stuff

    Should i do the following thing ?

    Just have the weapon in your hands , when FireAmmunition function gets triggered play an anim , then when anim is over make the weapon dissapear no ( no visible anymore ) i hope you can do it , what's the var or function ? , then spawn a projectile wich is actually the spear ....

    Can you spawn a projectile on the position that you want?

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    I think you can do that in the exact way you said.
    You can create a weapon with the mesh of a javelin that fires projectiles with the same mesh.
    In the fire ammunition function you can play your custom animation (for example the pawn that moves back and forward the right arm to shot) and when the anim ends you can set the weapon mesh to hidden.

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