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Thread: Very Large Open World?

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    Very Large Open World?


    I was wondering how I would make a very large modern open world in the UDK.

    By large I mean about 2500 mi by 2000 mi, (about the size of Australia) and I was wondering which technique would be better to use to make it as I know the limit is about 6mi or 10km.

    1. Scale everything down to make it look as if it was larger, or would this cause problems with things like physics?

    2. Split the world up into many pieces and make each take up the max size of the world, and have it so right before I go into a city I would see the buildings in the background then go into a small entrance building and when I exit I will end up on a whole different 6mi world, but looks exactly like what I saw in the background of the other level. And for rural areas I would have a landscape in one level and another in another level and have it so if they were in a persistent level they would be overlapping and the overlapped parts would be exactly the same so that if I look back it would be like I never went into a new level?

    I'm highly thinking the second one, but would a world 2500 by 2000 mi be WAY too large for UDK to handle? Also does anyone have a different technique that would be better?

    Thanks in Advanced!

    (BTW: This is NOT a MMORPG, it is a Single Player Game that may end up with user created multiplayer servers (Like Minecraft Servers) that hold up to maybe 24-48 players.) Also I don't care about loading screens.

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    Honestly I don't think that's possible with anything real time right now.

    What you would need to do is stream all the different areas together though.

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    Double Post

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    You could do this with streaming levels. I would suggest the kismet method which allows you to set up level streaming volumes. Level streaming volumes have several useful options that allow you to control how far from the player the next area will begin to stream, and how long the level they are leaving stays in memory. I'm pretty sure the size you are going for is a little unrealistic with today's technology, plus given my experience as a world builder, meshing that out would suck pretty hard. If you are determined to try it, level streaming volumes are your best bet.

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    Even with streaming; it would not be possible, you are still limited the the 10km2 area or whatever the size is, You will still have to do a full level load for each section of the Country.

    You would probably need 2500mi / 6mi ~= 416 maps lol

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