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Thread: Instructions for simply modifying existing UDK menu?

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    Instructions for simply modifying existing UDK menu?

    I really like the existing menu and simply want to adjust some colors, icons, etc.. I also would like to add a new menu with the same graphics to the "Host Game" page. Is this simply a matter of editing images or editing the SWF (not a problem, I've free tools to do this). I've found some graphics in regards to the HUD, but trying to understand better if I can simply edit the existing UDK menu to better suit my needs. I am making an FPS that is similar to Unreal, but slower paced (think Halo returns to the PC) so A LOT of the UDKGame will 1:1 be perfect for mine.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Krileon-
    I would just use the FLA's included with a newer version of UDK, but try this (see the "simplified version" zip download in the overview part):Link

    Hope that helps!

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    Thank you, will take a look! Certainly looks easy enough.

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    Ok, trying to edit existing FLA files, but seams I'm not able to or just not understanding the process. Anyone have any idea how to modify the existing UI such as UDKGame\Flash\UDKFrontEnd\udk_settings.fla.

    Edit: hah, found the raw files in: UDKGame\Flash\ActionScript\com\scaleform\udk\views

    Edit: Looks like not everything is there? Anyone have a good tutorial for editing the existing UI? Meaning I want to change the graphic of the health bar and move it to a different position.

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