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Thread: German Start-up - form a new team [profit-sharing]

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    But everyone just said here you can't have a resolution of 720p for textures, by higher resolution you mean 4096X4096, right ?
    You need to understand that you need to show what you have already done, and a little bit about your idea, the reason you need to do this is because this is not paid, even if you give this royalty thing there is no guarantee that your game will ever get released or that someone will buy it (i'm not trying to discourage you) so the ones that will help you will have no guarantee of earning any money,

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    I know, that I can't have a texture resolution of 720p. This was related to the display resolution and the game should look good. So I want high-resolution textures and a display resolution of 720p. Do you unterstand, what I mean?

    ok, I unterstand what you mean. I am a little bit scared to talk about my idea, becouse someone could stole the idea. Do you unterstand, what I mean? But ok, I will create a document with some informations. I have a lot of noticed ideas, I created some maps with xmind, so I will create a document with more informations, but not to much.

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    No one is going to steal your idea---people all have their own ideas and they're not going to care about using yours.

    BTW no iOS devices are 720p, iPad 3 goes higher than that, and all the others are less than 720p.

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    ok, I am a little bit carefully tomorrow I will post more about the first game idea. I have to translate it first, becouse it is in german

    yes, I know. At first, I wanted to create the games for android, but I know now, that the licence is very expensive.

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    Alright you don't need to write much, but write something concrete, btw the license is not only very expensive even if you have the money yourself you might not be able to get it, it's usually companies that get licensed not "people",

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