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Thread: Another Platform to Develop for, Linux

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    Another Platform to Develop for, Linux

    I know that this was brought up in the past and it's like beating a dead horse. I was hoping that by posting this Epic and the rest of the community may talk about supporting the UDK on Linux. With Valve Software currently working on a Steam Linux client and other companies looking at Linux as a gaming platform, I hope that Epic would also be looking into supporting this platform. We know that the UDK can run on the Andriod platform and Mac OS so it wouldn't take much to support a Linux binary. Even if one Linux distribution was offically supported by working with Canonical for Ubuntu 12.04 their newest Long Term Support version as one option. While I'd be happy as a developer if I could develop within Linux on the UDK as well, I'm not expecting that. I currently use Maya, Blender and Gimp in Linux and reboot into Windows to import and do my UDK development. I know I can do it all in Windows but it's my personal choice. I think a lot of us in the community would be happy to at least have the platform as candidate for releasing our games along side Windows and the Mac OS.

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    That's not going to happen--it could be possible to create a game for Linux (as it's done for Mac and iOS) but the only platform that UDK itself runs on is Windows. And it's extremely unlikely they'd even support Linux as a build option, there's just not enough market there.

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