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Thread: about texturing and mapping

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    about texturing and mapping

    hello guys...
    it's about several weeks i searching for a solution for create model and texture map like these pictures ...
    can any one help me ???
    materials are created in max ?? or photoshop??
    maps created by plugin or by designer ?
    thanks ....

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    I'm gonna guess that was done in Z-Brush or something similar.

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    Yeah, compared to the actual model's geometry, this was probably a poly paint from a sculpt that got board onto the low res and finalized in photoshop.

    All textures are made by "designers" (artists). There's no way to automatically create a texture. You can either sculpt a high res model and poly paint it and bake the texture maps for them onto a low poly model, or export the UVs for your model from your 3D app and create the texture directly in photoshop on top of the UVs. Either way you need to know how to use each program and use artistic techniques which can't be done automatically. Look up photoshop tutorials (there's probably millions) unless you want to pay 600 dollars for Zbrush and learn that.

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    thank guys ...
    is there any zbrush tutorial for my problem ??

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    Make sure you are not going to alter your geaometry becaus doing so could mess up your UV layout. Then learn to create good UVs. If you dont know then go to youtube and search "UV tutorial (3D app name)
    After that, there are many options for painting your textures. Here are a few of my favorites, 3DS Max, Sculptris, Photoshop, Deep Paint, ZBrush and many more will allow you to paint directly on your 3D object or in the 2D space you created with your UVs.
    Once you choose your prefered painting app, go to youtube and search "texture painting (app name)

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    If you don't even know how to make a texture yet, I wouldn't recommend you start on ZBrush. You're better off learning how to actually use photoshop first.

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    thanks i found some tutorial from creating uv in max and it's very good thank you guys...

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