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Thread: Not support Flash TLF? Jesus~~

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    Exclamation Not support Flash TLF? Jesus~~

    I find scaleform doesn't support Flash TLF, the new Flash Text Engine which
    base on actionscript 3.0 & flashplay 10.0.

    so, How can i settle the issue about text display with Thailand language?
    Cause characters' distance are inordinance under the traditional text mode.

    Any suggestion?TKS~

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    i'm having the same problem with TLF text in flash.
    can anyone help?

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    If you have the option, change the TLF text to Classic text. You can still use the text as you would TLF text when you change it from "Static" to "Dynamic" and give it an instance name.

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    HI !!
    I had same problem ! but after many research, I found the solution (at least for persian, but It may work for other right-to-left languages ) !!

    Diiidiiing !

    "Parsi Flash Component"
    It works perfect with UDK !
    I'm using it for a long text with scroll-bar !

    anyway, if you encounter any problem about my solution, feel free to contact me

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